hotly debated topic, Jasbir K. Puar is as gracious about acknowledging other Jasbir Puar’s Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times is a. In this pathbreaking work, Jasbir K. Puar argues that configurations of sexuality, race, gender, nation, class, and ethnicity are realigning in relation to. Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times (Next Wave: New Directions in Women’s Studies) [Jasbir Puar] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Nov 18, Stef Rozitis rated it liked it Shelves: While she does not overtly state whether or not she recognizes this, I do think that in theorizing over people who commit atrocities which is not to privilege American atrocities as justified is a difficult task, especially with such extreme conflations of racism and homophobia tied to them. As groupings and political action by communities of identity are questioned, she opens up a space for creative reimagining of communities or networks.

Jun 04, Lukas Hall rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 08, Kyle Bella rated it really liked it. An excellent pkar read. These are questions that, in my view, continue to invest homonationalism.

Nationalists and neoliberals are willing to tolerate and claim to be concerned for these women because they are extremely useful for the care homnationalism. University of York M. Muslim countries as their enemies. To ask other readers questions about Terrorist Assemblagesplease sign up. I found the stuff on torture awful to read about but once again some significant points were made. Your Friends Email Address: Her publications include Max Weber’s Theory of Personality: Puar’s analysis of the atrocities of Abu Ghraib are searing and unflinching, and I honestly could not put the book down in reading this chapter.

Queer homonattionalism Race studies.

Books by Jasbir K. Her use of “terrorist” and “homonational” is little more than an effort to add a post gloss to an argument against assimilation, and her invocation of the “Orientalised terrorist body” has little behind it but an effort to position “queerness” as standing with the non-Western world against Western hegemony. New Directions in Women’s Studies 1 – 10 of 43 books. As mentioned earlier, Fanon’s corpus of work is luminously suggestive of the homosexual fantasies and fears that found nationalism, whereby his anxieties about interracial heterosexual relations filter out homoerotic charges and antagonisms between colonized and colonizing men and by inference, colonized and colonizing women.


Whenever Puar is not utilizing a text to clarify her thoughts and further her analysis, the amount of citations she incorporates can be overwhelming. Please check the credit line adjacent to the illustration, as well as the front and back matter of the book for a list of credits. Along the way, Puar gives a rich reading of many other scholars working in affect theory while covering Supreme Court decisions, racism, citizenship, violence toward Sikhs mistaken for terrorists, and suicide bombers. As an author on a hotly debated topic, Jasbir K.

Through an analysis of the American response to the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse inshe contends that contemporary discourses of Muslim sexuality only mask and reproduce an underlying belief in American exceptionalism.

We’re still blowing minds with the notion that racism isn’t the same as Brilliant stuff, throughout. The introduction and preface are both theory-heavy and Jasbir Puar is hardcore.

Jasbir Puar

This book remains timely a decade after its first publication. Sign-in or register now to continue. Reminding me why I am in academia!!! In the ajsbir, Paur has simply used postcolonial theory to attack the idea of gay assimilation into liberal society in the West. Your Friend’s First Name: Sign up for Subject Matters email updates to receive discounts, new book announcements, and more.

The Political Economy of Homonationalism – Social Text

Jun 15, Alasdair Ekpenyong rated it really liked it. As Puar is rather imaginative and homonatiohalism with language, when I couldn’t pin down a meaning Jazbir just accepted that and continued on, knowing that the m Rating this book doesn’t seem appropriate because while I couldn’t say I liked very much of the reading of it, it is of irrefutable importance in my field so I will need to find my way into it.

Dec 22, Preeti rated it really liked it. Puar argues that traditional pjar ideologies now find accompaniment from “homonormative” ideologies replicating the same hierarchical ideals concerning maintenance of dominance in terms related to race, class, gender, and nation-state, a set of ideologies she deems “homonationalism”.


I do think some of these ways of thinking need to be taken into queer and post-colonial thinking. The introduction and conclusion are the most difficult to read. This section relies too much on references to primary sources.

Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim religious fashion are a useful field of inquiry within fashion studies. Considering biopolitics and paur and proceeding by way of affect and in tension with intersectionality she begins to establish the power of assemblage from Deleuze and Guattari. Woodyard rated it it was amazing.

Demands for same-sex marriage and adoption were met in many countries. As Puar acutely noted, gays were no par symbols of death as in the s and early s during the AIDS crisis but of life and even reproduction. This book is rocking my world! New forms of “homonormativity” work to further entrench and conceal existing racial, ethnic, national, gender, and sexual hierarchies in ways that maintain systems of international power and dominance. I think this book raised some pretty good issues, and ones that had made me uncomfortable with the way we are all meant to assimilate “queerness” in one narrow way and homonationalusm work out of that.

I wouldn’t read it at all if you are not interested in theory. Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim religious fashion are a useful field of homonationa,ism within fashio Very powerful read. In both form and content, this book energetically experiments with different theoretical frameworks homonatlonalism disparate sources to produce fresh insights on a variety of issues.

It is ferocious in its analysis and critique not only of networks of control over and unrelenting superpanopticism of queer, racialized bodies but also of queer, feminist, and critical race theory and activism.

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