Consult Jastram GmbH & Co. KG’s Jastram Model H Helm Pumps brochure on NauticExpo. All other pumps have a 1/2″ NC stainless steel wheel bolt. HELM. Nov 23, This Pin was discovered by Meg Jastran. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. SILVER. The Restless Metal. ROY W. JASTRAM. University of Califomia, Berkeley. A RONALD PRESS PUBLICATION. JOHN WILEY & SONS, New York.

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The Jastram Jog Lever provides non follow-up time dependent electric control. Jastram Jog Levers operate either completely on as long as the switch is activated or completely off when it is released. The EW provides full follow-up electric wheel control. When the traditional steering wheel is turned the EW produces an analog rudder command signal.

Jastram rudder will then follow-up to the mmetal commanded by the movement of the wheel. Digital Wheels are unique input devices which provide full follow-up digital electric control. The two mehal features of the Digital Wheel over the standard electric wheel are:. When taking over control of the steering system the Digital wheel takes over at the present position of the rudder.

Under power steering, the steering wheel is turned producing a rudder command signal. The rudder then follows up to the position requested by the wheel.

The wheel is not supplied with the digital wheel. DW shaft dimensions are: Under power steering, the steering wheel is turned producing a rudder command signal the rudder then follows up to the position requested by the wheel. In the event of a power failure the digital helm seamlessly transfers to manual hydraulic steering. Under emergency manual hydraulic steering the numbers of turns depends on the size of the actuators.

Other systems usually move the rudder back to center before acquiring control of the steering. The Digital Helm Manifold DHM is a small, compact manifold which provides seamless transfer from fly-by-wire steering to mastran manual hydraulic steering in the event of a power failure.

The X80 Indicators come in 3 sizes to fit all bridge applications. Up to five indicators can be used with a mixture of forward and reverse scale meters. The RFU is built to resist water and damage caused by vibrations from rough seas and mechanical systems. The RFU features a high quality, long life potentiometer with heavy duty gears.


The RFU features a high quality potentiometer with heavy duty gears, and a built in electronic driver board. The RFU is built with cast aluminum and stainless steel and designed for heavy duty use in both commercial and pleasure crafts. Two types of devices are available for the RFU to generate the feedback signal: All electronic circuitry necessary to develop rudder feedback signal and rudder angle signal is contained within the RFU The RFU outputs both a rudder angle indicator signal and rudder feedback signal, as well as an optional second independent second rudder angle indicator signal.

Jacki Stranathan (jastran) on Pinterest

The HFU is a jastan electro-hydraulic steering system, providing full follow-up power steering with unmatched smoothness, quietness and accuracy for small to medium size vessels. The Largest of the Indicators is the overhead three faced panoramic indicator. These are stand alone systems comprised of three main components: The Jastram Lever Controller provides full follow-up way dependent electric control.

When the steering lever is moved to the desired rudder angle, the rudder will follow-up. In essence, they start and stop the electric motor jaatran drives the hydraulic pump powering the steering gear.

Products – Wagner Engineering Ltd.

The MSA comes in 3 series: These customized panels provide visual and audible alarms at both local and remote stations. Powerunits are available to meet specific design challenges or requirements of the vessel owner, naval architects or shipyard.

For those vessels where mstal is a large concern. Jastram steering systems can be offered with an Engine driven type of unit which consists of a pump that couples onto the existing main engines and provide flow to a custom wall mount reservoir assembly.

This set-up would be used in lieu of a Hydraulic Power unit set-up. Jastram B Model Actuators are double-acting equal displacement cylinders which jastfan directly connected to a tiller. Designed for continuous heavy duty operations for the marine environment.


Jastram S Model Actuators are specifically certified for use mmetal commercial marine hydraulic steering systems. Their rugged steel construction includes many standard features resulting from our long experience in the manufacture, operation and service of steering systems. Jastram T-Ram Mrtal Systems are exceptionally tough and reliable. They provide a proven, trouble free system for all types of commercial vessels. The T-ram is a complete self-enclosed steering unit that provides fast rudder movement through midships and maximum torque at the hadvover positions.

It is designed for heavy duty use and requires very little maintenance as all moving parts are encased in grease-filled, heavy duty housing. The T-ram assembly mounts directly on the rudderstock and self-aligns, supporting its own weight.

Only two torque struts arm are required to connect the T-ram to the vessels hull structure. The ability to generate torque increases with increasing rudder angle. Matching of ram capacity to rudder torque provides effective steering at the least cost.

All moving parts jxstran encased in a greased filled, heavy ductile iron housing and are protected from corrosion and mechanical damage. The integral tiller simply clamps on to the rudder post and the whole assembly self aligns to it. Alignment with shims meta preparation of flat mounting beds are not necessary.

Due to jaztran of the T-Ram, the clamp fitted tiller provides an integral rudder carrier bearing when the ram is supported from below. Jastram Digital Wheel DW. The two main features of the Digital Wheel over the standard electric wheel are: RAI power Supply 3. When the steering lever is moved to the desired rudder angle, the rudder will follow-up to the position requested b the lever.

Transverse Thrusters

Rudder Feedback Unit Jastram Brass Model Cylinders B series. Steel Model Cylinders S series. T Ram Rapson Slide Actuators.

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