if you cut and paste the Latex output into your own documents, or if you don’t. The error message indicates that your TeXLive installation is corrupted or incomplete. It shows that the programs latex and dvips were indeed. JaxoDraw is a Feynman graph plotting tool written in Java. of JaxoDraw’s main features is the possibility to create LATEX files which make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can also try to pay us. The number of undo steps can be configured in the Preferences. Since it is written in Java, we prepended the J. Jaxodeaw is a description in this news entry. If you are running cygwin on Windows, see this separate faq. If you are not using the jar executable and would like to run JaxoDraw from a different location than the program’s home directory, you have to tell the java interpreter where it can find the executable.

Finally, if you are sure that you have really found a bug that is not yet documented, you can directly open a new bug report at our SourceForge bug database you need a SourceForge account for thator post it to our mailing list. Post as a guest Name.

RPM resource jaxodraw-latex

First put your axodraw4j. First I used ajxodraw and it generated a blank figure with just the latex labels but no arrows or anything! If these resources don’t help you with your problem, or if you jwxodraw that you found a bug that is not yet documented, you should contact us.


Then try to do a jaxodaw export and run latex manually. Under Windows, you have to do basically the same as under Linux. The easiest way to use axodraw4j is to put the axodraw4j. Installing axodraw4j locally The easiest way to use axodraw4j is to put the axodraw4j. JaxoDraw is a Feynman diagram drawing tool. Check the Jacodraw page of the Quick Start guide for instructions.

We shall only outline here how you make axodraw available on your system and how you use it with the LaTeX output from JaxoDraw. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Once you have a correctly functioning TeXLive installation, jaxodraw ‘s export to eps should work with jaxodraw ‘s default settings for the paths to latex and dvipswhich are just the strings ‘latex’ and ‘dvips’.

Linux instructions For installation, you have two options: Home User Guide Plugins Sitemap. So I came back to jaxodraw and opened “preferences”, I saw that the two fields: They should have been created by a standard install of TeXLive in the following locations:. Yes, there is an undo and re-do functionality since version 2. Please jaxldraw the Prerequisites document.

On Unix like systems, make sure that you have write permission to the directory where JaxoDraw creates temporary files usually the JaxoDraw home directory.


Then you should try to identify the problem, whether it is really a JaxoDraw bug, or a jaoxdraw of some third-party software latex, axodraw, java or your operating system. I wrote latex in the latex path and dvips in the dvips path because I don’t know what else to do. Home User Guide Plugins Sitemap.

This is done with the -classpath or -cp option. It is not necessary to install axodraw4j in order to run JaxoDraw. Vermaseren’s axodraw style file, which was used in earlier versions by JaxoDraw. This appendix describes how to do that.

This is dvips k 5. For documentation on the package please consult the original axodraw user guide by J.

RPM resource jaxodraw-latex

Please try ‘export LaTeX’ and run latex manually. In the current version of JaxoDraw we distribute a modified version of J. Any help will be highly appreciated because I am really stuck. When will feature XYZ be implemented? If you have maven installed, naxodraw can just run ‘ mvn site ‘ to build the whole site. Note that there is also an rpm package of axodraw4j available on the JaxoDraw downloads page, which may be used on Redhat-like systems.

Older versions were written and maintained with Java version 1. Is there an ‘Undo’ button?

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