Buy Jazz Mutant Lemur – Control Surface featuring Multi-Touch Control Surface, Built-In Computing Resources Mu Plug-In for Tight Live Integration. Review Jazz . It’s not so often that I write obituaries for hardware, but this time, it seems appropriate. JazzMutant has announced that its Lemur, the multi-touch. We’ve just heard the sad but now wholly unsurprising news that JazzMutant is to stop selling its multitouch Lemur controller. In fact, Stantum.

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Also, if the iPad is anything like the iPhone, it doesn’t make a very good drum pad. Until that happens, the Lemur could be a worthy acquisition if you jazzmufant more flexible control of parameters like timbre and surround sound, or want a programmable interface you can touch, and can afford paying a premium for emerging technology.

Jazz Mutant Lemur – Control Surface LEMUR B&H Photo Video

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. This page was last edited on 22 Januaryat I can’t see that it’s that complex, and would make an interesting le,ur for other applications. So the era of accessible multi-touch music controllers will begins with developing such software for iPad. I am actually interested in your old lemur, still have it? Control DJ software, live electronic music performance software, studio production software DAWsVJ leumr, visual synthesis software, stage lighting and more.

Jazz Mutant Lemur reviews. On the other end of the spectrum, I can get an iPad for a third the price, and since Jazzzmutant only planning on running touchOSC, I really don’t have to spend over 1, bucks just to get it up and running.

By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. They have superior buying power, this unfortunately is how business works.

Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. The biggest problem as well was the lack of unlimited pages, the Lemur only has 4 possible pages while the iPad has unlimited, providing you know how to make more pages in OSC and implement them into the iPad. None of this is necessarily news. The objects do the hard work for you, simple add them to your template and they are ready to control your MIDI instruments. I imagined that the fusion of touch displays with computers was a couple of years off; it was actually closer to six years.


I think it was their arrogance, too. The Lemur, adopted by many professionals, has proved itself to be extremely rugged and reliable — the iPad has yet to do jazznutant. JazzMutant has announced that its Lemur, the multi-touch hardware controller, is officially at the end of its life. The Lemur Input Device is a highly customizable multi-touch device from French company JazzMutantwhich serves as a controller for musical devices such as synthesizers and mixing consolesas well as for other media applications such as video performances.

JazzMutant Lemur Dead – Did The iPad Kill It, Or Was It Suicide?

Lemur features three new skins, in addition to the classic look. That makes this a very desirable marketplace, and could explain why JazzMutant are in no hurry to open source their code.

Look at what Korg is doing! We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. Hopefully they’ll get the ipad up to lemur standards in the near future.

And I think the year of the tablet is more likely to beas Windows, Linux MeeGo and UbuntuAndroid, and presumably Chrome tablets all hit the marketplace. It is currently discontinued in light of competition from current multitouch input computers. As a result, the need for a high-end dedicated hardware is doomed to vanish in the near future. The internal memory of the Lemur enables the storage of many interfaces, each one controlling a specific software for instance.

Control is not limited to linear functionality. The JazzMutant division will cease to exist on January the 1st SinceJazzMutant has been a acknowledged pioneer in the field of Creative Computing and Multi-touch technology, being the first-ever company to develop and bring to the market a product featuring a multi-touch screen as early as As a result, the need for a high-end dedicated hardware is doomed to vanish in the near future.

JazzMutant Lemur to be discontinued | MusicRadar

The iPad, on the other hand, is a mainstream product, a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ that’s not specifically tailored to musicians’ needs. A new plug-in, Mu brings ultimate integration between the Lemur controller and Ableton Live, making controlling the software easier, faster and more intuitive. Experimental musical instruments Music hardware. I’m selling my lemur, anyone interested? This is why Stantum is announcing today that it will close its JazzMutant activity unit and stop selling its legendary Lemur Multi-touch hardware controller at the end of December while the stock lasts!


In the meantime, JazzMutant, renamed Stantum inhas become a technology-centric company and developed partnerships with tier-one industrial partners to speed up this democratization. During five years and despite the new fever surrounding touch technologies, the Lemur remained the only Multi-touch device capable to meet the needs of creative people.

Lemur software benefits from nearly 10 years of development, and has been fine-tuned to provide maximum performance on iPad.

There will not be any further updates for the Dexter app. It’s the only multi-touch unit you can fully customize… The ipad couldn’t try to replace it if it tried… its just not powerful enough.

Write a review btvrxfsdaeeddedvezwtczyzv. These interfaces can then be saved and called up at will. Lemjr of the coming models will seem more like conventional computers with touch displays, others more like tablets in the mold of the iPad. I just don’t trust OSC.

JazzMutant Lemur Controller is Dead; Long Live Multitouch

I have v2 of the Lemur. Price, price and perhaps consequently, small user-base. Be the first to review this item. From now on, this ecosystem is evolving quickly: Archived from the original on From now on, this ecosystem is evolving quickly: If the Lemur could be truly fused with the computer display, rather than requiring an entirely independent interface, it would become a must-buy.

We’ve just heard the sad but now wholly unsurprising news that JazzMutant is to stop selling its multitouch Lemur controller.

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