The Articulate Mammal: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics (4th ed.) Jean Aitchison () London: Routledge Pp. iii + ISBN (paper). Jean Aitchison. THE ARTICULATE MAMMAL: AN INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLINGUISTICS. New York: Universe Books, pp. (also available in. An established bestseller, The Articulate Mammal is a concise and highly readable introduction Jean Aitchison investigates these issues with regard to animal.

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University of Chicago Press. I have often kept track of it aitchkson really wanted to fork out for my own up to date copy. Aitchison manages to cover all of the core concerns of psycholinguistics, as well as bringing in some lively asides to keep the reader interested. Arcadia rated articuate it was amazing Feb 01, Return to Table of Contents. Dashed numbers in square brackets indicate the end of each page for purposes of citation. The final chapter, “Banker’s Clerk or Hippopotamus?

Jean Aitchison London: To top it off, the information in the book is presented clearly and is easy to follow, easy to become engaged with.

The Articulate Mammal: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Hisham rated it did not like it Aug 26, No trivia or quizzes yet. In modern terminology, the behavior is innately guided” p. Chapter 8, “Celestial Unintelligibility,” is an explanation, using a story about interstellar travel and the planet Jupiter, of why Chomsky changed his beliefs regarding transformational grammar as well as details about his current theory, which involves parameters and modularity. She rightly points out that the field of psycholinguistics “is in many ways like the proverbial hydra–a monster with an endless number of heads: Contents Animals that try to talk.


Chapters 10 and 11, “The Case of the Missing Fingerprint,” and “The Cheshire Cat’s Grin,” discuss the extremely complex subject of speech, how humans plan and produce it, and how we understand it. I bought the Kindle version because it was more in line with my bank account than the print book, and its index is conveniently linked This is a really good introduction to psycholinguistics–language acquisition, speech production, comprehension.

Her story in chapter 8 about Jupiter’s stick insects is a bit forced, but it does accomplish its purpose of explaining precisely why Chomsky changed his position regarding transformational grammar. Nov 03, Sowmya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aidan Shea rated it really liked it Nov 23, A very brilliant introduction to psycholinguistics. It makes me even more curious.

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There is a substantial and useful “further reading” section at the back of the book and an equally useful list of sources. Aitchison presents the positions of both camps, as well as what Chomsky has said about the mamma.


Aitichison differentiates between the psychological and linguistic approaches to psycholinguistics by their methodology. Aitchison’s exposition is extremely clear and concise, as she has the rare ability to reduce complicated and technical topics to simple sentences. It felt like reading a popular science novel. Joanne rated it it was ok Jul 24, A pleasurable and elementary primer on etymology.

The case of the missing fingerprint.

Other editions – View all The Articulate Mammal: Be the first to ask a question about The Articulate Mammal. I found her brief discussions of Chomsky’s parameter setting theory and recent work on optimality theory by Archangeli and Langendoen to be so fascinating that it has made me go out to read more on the subject.


The Articulate Mammal: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics

This is a really good introduction to psycholinguistics–language acquisition, speech production, comprehension. Her main areas of interest include: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics 4th ed. In other words, language is ‘natural’ behavior–but it still rhe to be carefully ‘nurtured’ in order to reach its full potential.

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