Tag: jenayah siber. Malaysia antara 14 negara mesin ATM dikawal jauh penjenayah siber. November 22, AM. Penyerang menjangkiti perisian ATM. Ancaman jenayah siber. Ashriq Fahmy Ahmad, Khairunnisa Sulaiman. Utusan Malaysia April Image size: KB |. Shares. Image: Ancaman jenayah. SEMINAR SIBERBULI DAN JENAYAH SIBER. Public. · Hosted by Mahathir Abdu . Interested. clock. Sunday, December 1, at AM – PM UTC+

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Bussiere frequently assists Financial Services Organizations, Governments, and Managed Security Service Providers in adopting a regimen of aggressive monitoring for vulnerabilities and breaches to help significantly improve their cybersecurity position. Prior to the Symantec acquisition of Blue Coat, where held a similar position, he was a very early member of the Elastica team that was acquired by Blue Coat in Pranabesh is responsible for managing new and exciting syndicated research and custom advisory services across various technology domains for organizations in Malaysia and S.

He also serves as a board of advisor for technology advisory in several organization. With close to 30 years of work experience in various Advanced Information Technology areas such as big data mining, business intelligence, enterprise content management, knowledge management, artificial intelligence and information security, Vincent is a frequent speaker at regional seminars and international conferences, and has authored and co-authored many technical papers, articles and books.

She worked closely with the management in reporting their key financial and operational metrics for local and international business units.

Bussiere assisted organizations in assessing their risk exposure to Distributed Denial of Service attacks. He also worked at Digital Equipment Corporation to develop its IT security, Internet, ecommerce, and service provider business as well as with a medical dot-com in various business development and management roles.

13 Januari 2017 : Kerjasama Malaysia-China berjaya tumpaskan Daesh, Jenayah siber

He has worked with many CxOs to address cyber security issues and their corresponding solutions to help reduce their risk exposure in a constantly changing cyber threat landscape.


His key responsibilities include supporting key enterprise customers with the secure adoption of cloud applications, building go to markets strategies, assisting security consulting and managed security services partners in the region. With more than 11 years in the ICT industry, Pranab has a good grasp of the Asia Pacific theatre, the organizations that operate there, and their unique technology needs and challenges.

Bussiere is responsible for evangelizing the criticality of vulnerability assessment, vulnerability management, and comprehensive security monitoring jenaah as part of an organizations enhanced cybersecurity posture. He is a highly sought after and leading expert in Technology with over 16 years of experience in Cyber Security and Technology Leadership. During this jenayha, Mr. He serves as a trusted advisor to senior executives such as CIOs and CISOs and in strategizing and improving the overall security postures for their organization.

He has advised several regulatory bodies on recommended legislation to protect critical infrastructure against DDoS attacks. He has assisted established stockbroking and information technology companies throughout the region. Bussiere is the holder of five patents related to computer networking and network security. He oversaw the restructuring to Parasoft South East Asia in He has 13 years of industrial experience in the IT securities jenaayah compliance field, across various business domains.

IDC engages in an innovative discussion about information and telecommunication technology through events, market intelligence and advisory services. Based in KL, she is responsible for analyzing and forecasting the Malaysian software markets including Security, Jeanyah, Network, and System Management.

Sekar has over 25 years of experience in managing business operations, personnel and information technology. Rakuten Trade is the virtual broker in Jenaayh. He joined Malwarebytes in and is responsible for driving all enterprise, SMB, and channel sales across all verticals.


He focuses on the needs of the chief security officer in an environment that encompasses cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and a continued and persistent attack from cybercriminals. He was previously responsible for developing and delivering security consultancy for the Financial, Telecommunications and Corporate sector across the Asia Pacific region.

Prior to Tenable, Mr. In this role, Mr. Bussiere is a frequent public speaker on these and other security and networking matters. Matthias has an impressive record of transforming IT business and produce jeayah leap approach with the ability to align transformation to business agility, and brings a wealth of expertise in areas such as transformative changes, identifying Go-To-Market strategy and defining organization direction. Much has changed in this area sincewhen Simon installed his first firewall, and the collision aiber Big Data with security, sibr move to a defense in-depth strategy, and the issues of insufficient numbers of well-trained staff make this a challenging area for businesses today.

He has been in Parasoft as the Regional Director in Singapore since Tom leads all of sales and business development worldwide.

Stanley jenagah the ASEAN operations focusing on the development and implementation of business strategies that highlight the benefits of Continuous Testing for Quality and Security.

Jenayah siber – Nada Haifaa – Google Books

He is often featured or quoted for his expert view of the security trends in APAC. In this multifaceted role, Mr. For 51 years, IDC has provided unique insights and data to ICT and business leaders to support their strategic and tactical decisions.

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