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JIS K Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Determination of heat ageing properties (Foreign Standard). Available for Subscriptions. Content. This Standard specifies the method for determining the heat ageing properties of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber according to the accelerated. Remarks 1: The following standards are cited in this Standard: JIS B road service JIS K Tensile testing methods for vulcanized rubber JIS K

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Unfinished Nation Jsi 1 7th Edition. Mitsubishi Olt Arts Anual. This production method has the defects that the content of the bonded sulfur is narrowly limited.

To provide 66257 compound which has a higher vulcanization efficiency and superior heat aging resistance compared to conventional compounding agents for rubber compositions and which is environmentally friendly. Further, if the DBP absorption of the carbon black, measured according to JIS K is small, the hardness will be insufficient, and, therefore, this is not ijs, while conversely if large, the elongation at break will become insufficient, and, therefore, this is not preferable either.

The rubber composition containing a cyclic polysulfide as a vulcanization agent and a pneumatic tire using the same. Aircraft and space vehicle engineering The larger this value, the better the low heat buildup property shown.

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Lonely Planet Thailand Guide. In particular, in the case of the quaternary ammonium salt of a carboxylic acid group-containing disulfide used in Patent Documents 1 and 4, since the amine ingredient acting to accelerate the vulcanization reaction is a quaternary amine, no substantial role of accelerating the vulcanization reaction can be expected.


As specific examples of the cycloalkyl group, for example, a cyclohexyl group etc. The amine salt compound of a carboxylic acid group-containing disulfide js to the present invention i.

JIS K 6257:2017

Compounding silica-reinforced rubber with low volatile organic compound VOC emission. Toyota Rav4 Operating Manual. Commercial Driver License Test Answer.

Fundamentals Of Refrigeration Manual. These may be used alone or may be used in any combination thereof. 6275 Storage Quick Review Guide. The results are shown indexed to the value of Comparative Example II-1 as Then, the vulcanization accelerator and sulfur were mixed to this master batch by an open roll to obtain the rubber composition.

J Chemistry 9th Edition Carey G. Robbins Basic Pathology 9th. Brand Identity Manual Suzuki. Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns. Aqa English Gcse English Literature. Anatomy Of The Temporal.

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Examples will now be illustrated to further explain the present invention, but the scope of the present invention is by no means limited to these Examples. The inventors engages in research to solve the above-mentioned problem and, as a result, succeeded in achieving both an improvement in the bonding performance of a tire with a metal belt and a low heat buildup property by using an amine salt compound 2657 a carboxylic acid group-containing disulfide, as a vulcanization accelerator, and compounding it in the rubber composition along with the rubber component and a specific carbon black and organic metal salt.

Motorola Programming Software Mag One. Coupling agent for rubber and carbon black, and rubber composition for tire including the same.

However, it is still necessary to prevent or delay the scorching of the unvulcanized rubber composition and to improve the tensile characteristics and the heat aging resistance of the vulcanized rubber. Coupling agent for rubber and carbon black, and rubber composition for tire including the same.


As specific examples of the vulcanization agent usable in the compounding agent for rubber vulcanization according to the present invention, for example, sulfur, organic peroxide, quinone dioxime, metal oxides, alkylphenol formaldehyde resins, etc.

Changing Ideas In Modern Architecture Zinc Oxide 3 made by Seido Chemical Industrial. Further, a method for producing an amine salt of a polythiopolycarboxylic acid having 2 to 14 sulfur atoms is described in Patent Document 9. Salt of carboxylic acid containing N-substituted succinimide thio group and unvulcanized rubber composition containing the same.

According to another aspect of the present invention, the amine salt compound of disulfide I may be produced as shown in the reaction formula 2 by reacting a thiol compound IV containing a carboxylic acid in one molecule and an amine III in the presence of an oxidizing agent.

A method for producing an amine salt compound of a carboxylic acid group-containing disulfide having the formula I comprising: If the amount of the amine salt compound of a carboxylic acid having the formula I is small, the cross-linking efficiency deteriorates and the vulcanization rate becomes slower, and, therefore, this is not desirable, while conversely if it is great, scorching becomes easier, and, therefore, this is not desirable.

As thiuram-based vulcanization accelerators, for example, tetrakis 2-ethylhexyl thiuram disulfide, tetramethylthiuram disulfide, tetraethylthiuram disulfide, tetramethylthiuram monosulfide, tetrabenzylthiuram disulfide, dipentamethylenethiuram tetrasulfide, etc.

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