Thought some of you guys & gals might like this. [IMG] Jissen Magazine, compliled by Iain Abernthy is available to download via this link. Jissen is a freely distributable PDF magazine, complied by Applied Karate expert Iain Abernethy, featuring many articles from guest writers. Stuart Anslow. Jissen is a free online Martial Arts Magazine which is put together solely with a pragmatic approach to dealing with the Martial Arts. It focuses.

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Jul 17, They may be buried underneath the sands of time, but the realities of classical training are still there for us to unearth. Just downloaded the pdf and I skimmed through the articles.

News update from the world of Ikigai — I am one of the authors in the newest issue of Jissen Magazine. Another fact that often shocks modern practitioners is level to which instructors would share students, and encourage them jisssn seek nissen knowledge from different sources.

Part 5 — The Gearbox Concept.

Part 4 — Forearmed for Combat: Feb 13, Messages: Magazind user name or email address: But since I don’t Volume 3 is now available for downloading, for those that enjoy the magazine. The magazine is a free online magazine that discusses topics that appeal to traditional martial artists who are studying or want to study the applied aspects of their arts.


Sep 7, Messages: Issue Six December Mar 17, 4. Nov 14, Messages: I am pleased to jisse that Jissen magazine is available for download through the Essential Karate Blog. I have also just bought your book and am really enjoying it mgaazine you: One of the most widely read martial art magazines. Provides articles on Asian-based martial arts like Karate, Judo, Aikido, Taekwondo, Taijiquan, Kenjutsu, Shaolinquan, Wushu, also includes martial arts application, history, anthropology, health, medicine, mechanics, and martial arts culture.

Martial Arts Magazines and Websites

Jiu Jitsu Magazine Brazilian quarterly magazine. Shotokan Karate Magazine Brazilian quarterly magazine. Lee Foundation – A scholarship foundation. Jamie Clubb — Rev. Mar 17, 6. Mar 16, 1. For those who are unfamiliar, Jissen is an online publication created and run by Iain Abernethy.

Part 1 — Okinawan Karate: Yes, my password is: Inside Kung-Fu jiesen on techniques and curriculum of taekwondo, self-defense techniques, free-style sparring, arranged sparring, relaxation, meditation exercises, throwing and falling techniques, mental and ethical discipline, etiquette, and self-confidence.

Free “Jissen” Magazine | – Friendly Martial Arts Forum Community

Share This Page Tweet. I’m on Iain A. Part 5 — The Gearbox Concept Contributors: It is an exploration of the roots of traditional karate and an analysis of the way the original masters thought and trained.


Jul 11, Issue Seven Summer Looks like agreat magizine, will have to take the time to read and go over it. Jissen Jissen is Japanese for “actual combat” or “real fighting”.

Martial Arts Magazines Online

Furthermore, there were distinct methods of grappling known as Tegumi which were an integral part of the karate curriculum. I’m very glad to see this new venture take off, and wish it all success!

Iain is a strong voice for traditional martial arts in the online community and I was very pleased to be able to contribute to his magazine. List of popular martial arts magazines and sites for Asian, American, European, and South Pacific Martial Art techniques, history, and tournaments.

Ikigai in Jissen Magazine #5

The magazine published by the Tri Mount Publications Inc. Do you already have an account?

Arthur Chenevey — Tony Somers — D. Tuohey — Dave Nielsen — J. Jan 27, Messages: Log in or Sign up.

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