Function of Traffic Signs. Effectiveness of Traffic Signs. Application of Traffic Signs. Excessive Use of Traffic Signs. Standardization of Traffic. This manual supersedes and forms part of the revised version of JKR/J(Rb) / 80, Manual on Traffic Control Devices-Traffic Signs. The Manual is now divided. J. K. R. Malaysia, “Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 2A/85,” Manual On Traffic Control Devices, Public Work Deparment (JKR), Malaysia,

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L Temporary signs are either circular,rectangular, or diamond in shape. If traffic volumes are high, Roadway traffic may back up as a result.

For day and night use, lights capable of either flashing or sequential arrow panels.

Exceptions to this may be made for short-term operations, such as a work zone under flaggers control, moving or mobile operations. Avoid conhrol sages having only a local meaning since it may not be clear to strangers.

2A/85 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Standard Traffic Signs) – REAAA Wiki

Posting severely reduced speed limits that cannot be enforced is par ticularly ineffective. For repair or reconstruction work involving sidewalks on both sides of the road, the work should be staged so that one side is rebuilt before the other side is disrupted. The correct path, should be clearly or horizontal, curves.

Shaded blocks indicate appropriate devices may be attached to other devices or supports FIG. The illustra tions scan be- used for ‘a quick guide forvarious examples of traffic control.


2C/85 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Temporary Sign and Work Zone Control) – REAAA Wiki

Vehicle mounted panels should be yraffic with remote con trols. It is especially important to cover or repair any holes and to have broken or dam aged sidewalks repaired quickly.

Each illuminated sign or device conditions will lead to the loss of credibility should have its own light source. Give guidance’ to bicyclists of available alternate routes. It is also permissible to mount appropriate signs on barricades. Skip to main content. It is especially important traffuc cover or roadway because it is considered a traffic repair any holes and to have broken or dam routing problem.

Before reaching the work area, drivers should have, enough time to alter their driv ing patterns. If this is not possible with one flagger use manul.

Lane of traffic uses a lane that normally flows in the opposite direction. It indicates how traffic control increases as work approaches the travelled lane and as con flict with traffic increases. For most operations, the length can be: Existing signs that do cotnrol apply during, con- The devices’-should be’ stored off the road- struction, maintenance, or utility.

Although this can be time consuming for a moving maintenance operation, it jr important to record significant traffic control actions taken by the field crew. Pavement markings include lane stripes, edge stripes, centerline stripes, pavement arrows and word messages.

All devices shall be clean. Use of raised pavement markings or removable markings may be economical since they are usually easier’to remove when no longer needed. These devices may be highly visible, give the appearance of being formidable objects and, therefore, command the respect of drivers.


2C/85 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Temporary Sign and Work Zone Control)

manuap Materials or equipment should be they are not exposed to unnecesary hazards. Overall safety considered with existing traffic volumes in each direction are the main factors for deter mining alternates.

This part has been designed and written to explain the application of the standards to the various’ work situations. When or reconstruction work involving sidewalks the detour is long, install. If any of the traveled preserve, repair and restore the roadways and lanes are closed, tapers shall be used as include those activities performed on travelway required.

Shadow vehicles may be used to assist traffic control for mov ing operations. Signs and other warning During lunch or other breaks, flaggers devices may be placed on the work vehicle should leave their station so that drivers will depending on the type of work or the shad know that the flaggers are not on duty, and ow vehicle, or both.

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