Overqualified is an art project by Canadian writer Joey Comeau in which he wrote a series of cover letters as job applications to companies. The letters were . Overqualified Joey Comeau. ECW Press. 96 pp, $ “No tricks,” Raymond Carver famously advised, to which I always wanted to respond. Overqualified’s cover letters are like a slap in the face, but the slap is Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics “Joey Comeau’s Overqualified is Judy Blume s Are You .

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These letters are so much more than a jab at a silly professional custom, together they weave a delicate and Overqualified is a delightfully humorous and surprisingly heartbreaking collection of cover letters addressed to different organizations.

I think this is a book that everyone should read at some point, if only to just reconnect them to their own emotions. I haven’t told you it’s a descent into madness formatted in cover letters.

Not with a letter like this. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. But I loved it. Tragically read this book in a sitting and found myself crying out for more. Comeau currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

I got about a third of the way through this on Christmas Day before realizing, through the blur of holiday cheer, that it was more sad than funny, that the cover letter conceit was ancillary although the impersonal entities to which the letters are addressed are characters in the narrative to the author’s purpose, and that the humor was not dadaist but often despairingly cynical.

One can see how this project would be perfect for the web, but by virtue of these letters being collected and bound, the reader brings warranted preconceptions about what the book will do.


Some of the original letters appear in the book, though they’ve been changed to fit with the novel’s weirdo narrative. The notes themselves are discrete little stories, but in their accumulation they paint a broader picture of the writer-protagonist, despite the fact that the autobiographical uoey about Martone is often wildly contradictory.

The writing is very funny, but also dark and a little twisted.

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Overqualified by Joey Comeau

I got this book back during the recession when I was in the middle of a frustrating job hunt, and the relief of commiseration was outstanding. Novel composed of work oferqualified.

Overqualified Joey Comeau Limited preview – It overqkalified like a diary or reading a pile of love letters A book whose melancholy is leavened by a surprising hilarity. Questions that have no answers, stories that have no point, that’s life, it’s bleak and funny and Joey Comeau wrote it very well.

Make These Machines Mean: Overqualified by Joey Comeau

I was a little disappointed, I guess, that many of the supposed cover letters in the book had no ties to the overqkalified being applied for. By then there was no pretense of actually wanting the job, of course.

It clicked with me in all sorts of ways, even at the beginning, when I thought I might hate it. A real story unfolds in these pages, about a departed brother and the sibling left behind.

The letters all quickly become surreal or comic or unsettling or deeply sad ruminations on this fictionalised-Comeau’s life and there’s something very human about it all, especially when it gets a bit uncomfortable with the honesty of it all. I know what it’s like to get up at three in the morning because you can’t sleep and your life is falling apart and how you log on to a useless shitty social networking site because you’re comeeau stressed out and brain-dead to be able to think of something more positive to do.


It’s a book with a lot of thought and messages, not all of which are on the s Hands down one of my favourite books. I have that feeling about Joey Comeau. They go by quickly and before you know it you’re at the end of a brief autobiography told in nuggets of nonsense.

For example, here is the beginning of the letter to Greenpeace:. When was the last time I really paid attention to a conversation?

Overqualified is funny, sure, but the book is intended to be approached as a novel in letters. Joey Comeau is a Canadian writer. The words he chooses are often evocative as well as descriptive, and a sense of tragedy grows as we move along.

Make These Machines Mean: Overqualified by Joey Comeau | Quarterly Conversation

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The Complete Lockpick Pornography. It’s a wonderful concept that should have been explored more, at least in my opinion. I have to tear out its backbone. Though the resulting reading experience is obviously fragmented, one letter winding down just as soon as another begins, there is a narrative here, with Comeau as our protagonist.

This book is freaking amazing.

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