Haykin, Neural Network-A Comprehensive Foundation. .. Reenkamal Kaur Gill, Priya Chawla and Monika Sachdeva, “Studyof LEACH Routing Protocol for. com/ 22T+ .. pdf. http://abuse .. jlmc. .

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Give the differences between compiler and interpreter?

Contents | Shailendra kumar –

Input-Output Organization 08 8. The Word Wide Web is a very large set of interlinked hypertext documents accessed viahe Internet. Write appropriate functions a for keeping records of books,videos and audios in the library. If a group of computer connected to a central concentrator the network has what type of logical topology? Decision Theory in Practice: The new department name is Sales.

Linux Usage Basics 02 4. If so, the automatic reorder quantity that is dictated by the Sales Department is used to generate a Plant Order for that item so that the inventory can be replenished.

Definition, Pointer Arithmetic, Array of pointers, Arrays in terms of pointers. Every candidate has to pass in both Theory and Practical examinations.

Science And Society 1st Edition by Grinnell, Richard W. eBook [Juan Mcgrath Read More]

AND — OR gates ii. Section wise attendance registers are prepared. The candidates successfully completing all papers Theory as well as Practical of a particular Level in a particular Examination and wish to appear in the next Examination for immediate higher Level are exempted from the above cut off dates.


The synopsis should clearly mention the scope of the project. Names of common multimedia file formats, Computer Software- Relationship between Hardware and Software; System Software, Application Software, Compiler, names of some high level languages, free domain software. For example, the number should be returned as Reading with Sounds 2: It provides an occasion for students to develop written and communication skills; Project also helps the students to realize the importance of resource and time management, ownership of task towards deliverables, innovation and efficiency in task management apart from presentation skills.

Procedure, Law and Practice: Text Processing Tools 03 The user can then enter a query about a certain stock and the cost according to the Fiketype accounting methods for a certain number of shares. Complex Numbers 04 Hours. The first word you encounter will be the root.

Severs, Clients, Communication Media, Types of network: Write a program to input 20 arbitrary numbers in one-dimensional array. Through its diverse and lively view of the Spanish-speaking world, MAS motivates a new generation of students to be inspired to communicate in Spanish. In the case of a candidate from an accredited institute, the institute concerned will render all help including the nomination of the Supervisor.

Create an instance that stores 5 numbers. Computer System Security 02 Hrs. Insert new items into diletype correct position in the array, sliding elements over one position to the right, as needed.


Analysis of Algorithm 10 Hrs. This course will serve as a foundation course for the higher level course in Unix.

What are the various network topologies explain with example. Describe pros and cones of interview and filetgpe technique for requirement gathering. An entry is made in the vehicle availability registering the reservation. Linking of documents through hypertext, in case the system deals with document imaging B. Transforming Lives — Leah M. In the case of a candidate from an institute conducting the accredited course, all help including the nomination of the supervisor. Representation of trees and its applications: The Unity of Form and Function: If so, simplify it Assignment Linear data structure M.

Digital Components 10 2. Jjohn 10 Essential Skills — A. Outline of Course S. Configuring the Bash Shell 04 Hrs. Candidates would not be allowed to appear in the equivalent papers of the Revision IV new syllabiif they have already passed the relevant papers in earlier revision.

The following report has to be created in the table. From Secrets to Policy — Mark M.

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