Project Gutenberg’s Apologia Pro Vita Sua, by John Henry Cardinal Newman This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Apologia pro Vita Sua, by John Henry Newman This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. Table Of Contents. Apologia Pro Vita Sua – John Henry Newman Edited with an Introduction by Ian Ker. Abbreviations Introduction Select Bibliography.

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Apologia pro Vita Sua

See also the limited number of Aoologia translations of the Confessions listed in the British Museum General Catalogue of Printed Books for the years prior toas well as the evidence of Howard Helsinger ” Credence and Credibility: Thus, the expository element was not dross to be refined, but the legitimate articulation of principles that had governed the autobiographer’s interpretation of narrative all along.

Thus, the Infallibility of the Church is supposedly true because the Church is infallible. The honesty and incisiveness of thought are powerful.

He refers constantly to his work any reader is not likely to have read and the rational can be quite dry. John 23I read below pri a submerged elegy to Newman’s mother. Although Newman was familiar with this tradition of spiritual autobiography, he was not experimentally knowledgeable to use an evangelical phrase of the intense, often violent process of conversion it described.

bewman Jan 07, C. Not for him just sweeping things under the carpet. He can only save himself. For Virgil mortal things touch the heart because of a nobility which comes from their being ordered to something greater than themselves.

In book VII, Augustine anticipates the distinct forms that his work will embody as he considers the value of past experience:.


By the end of the third chapter he has prepared the way for an Augustinian version of the spiritual autobiography.

Today, those who are dedicated to resisting the trends of liberalism aren’t dealing with an airy philosophy advocated by dons in their ivory towers; it’s the air we breathe, and it would be most helpful if those engaged in an accurate diagnosis por our contemporary cultural milieu were more familiar with Newman’s analysis.

More to the point, had his mother lived, Newman might never have converted. Scott’s emphasis upon truth and truth-seeking appealed in a crucial way to Newman, who had been accused of condoning falsehood in theological teaching and thus might be suspected of practicing falsehood in his autobiography. How was Kingsley to know that Newman was genuine and not some slick operator?

Twenty years later, the animus against him and by extension, towards the Catholic Apologoa and its clergy seemed not to have abated in the least. Newman’s book was influential with both churches and Newman was ultimately ordained by the Roman Catholics, where he soon became established as one of the foremost exponents of Catholicism in England. Newman, however, was a keener historian of the genre and a more perceptive interpreter of the disjunction between narration and exposition.

Hated it inbut I think I’d like it now. While providing illuminating commentary on the Apologiasuch approaches imply chat work prro better treated in generic categories other than that of autobiography. For Newman, the figures of deathbed and bier provide a crucial strategy: Newman’s final chapter on “The Position of my Mind Since ” is perhaps one of the finest articulations of what lies at the core of Catholic belief that I have ever encountered in my years of study.

Apologia pro Vita Sua by John Newman | : Books

He alone creates, he alone has redeemed. Newman’s transition from narration to exposition at the end nweman the Apologia thus recognizes the formal mixture that had traditionally marked autobiography as a genre. This is the very sort of thing the Liberal theologians are casting doubt upon.


Paul’s account of conversion. This was my “boss level” before walking the Canterbury Trail and hitching my wagon to the Anglican Communion. This is an excellent edition, though.

This assumption may be stated explicitly, as in Robert A.

peo The Necessity of Reconstruction 3. Newman’s account of the seismic shift in his thinking that led eventually to reception into the Roman Catholic Church is not a fast read, nor a particularly enjoyable read. It is also a defense so he is addressing specific questions and concerns that might not at first be evident t The word neqman came to mind while reading Apologia was: Svaglic has pointed out, among the readers whom Newman felt he must reach were “his fellow Catholics,” so many of whom “had begun to have doubts about him.

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

The circumstances under which the Apologia was published certainly add to the suspicion that apoolgia work is not an autobiography in the usual sense: Refresh and try again. In the Confessions Augustine appropriately gives life through words to the woman mohn gave him life through flesh.

Most people know him as the author of Westward Ho! Infandum, regina, iubes renovare dolorem, Troianas ut opes et lamentabile regnum eruerint Danai; quaeque ipse miserrima vidi, et quorum pars magna fui.

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