Jadoo has 68 ratings and 4 reviews. Duncan said: A battered first-edition, ex- public library. Which only added to its charm. Loved this book. Old-fashion. John Keel () was a Fortean journalist (and personal inspiration) best known for But Keel’s first book, Jadoo, is my absolute favorite. I’m happy to announce that a new edition of John Keel’s Jadoo, edited by Patrick Huyghe, is now available from Anomalist Books. Jadoo was.

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A Bibliography John A. I grew to know Keel after being introduced to him through mutual friends Brad Steiger and Ivan Sanderson. The Fickle Finger of Fate. Signet,rev.

At the time of the release of the movie, a rumor circulated that Keel had died. Amber Yes, I just finished it. All right, I’ve heard there’s a more modern edition that has a bunch of romantic subplot musings johnn Keel added in from an earlier manuscript. It’s a look at another culture that you don’t often see from our world.

Jadoo by John Keel ()

Keel analyzed what he called “windows” and “waves” or flaps, as they are often called of reported UFO events, concluding that a disproportionate number occurred on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Love him or hate him, John Keel was popular and one of the most widely read and influential Fortean authors of the late 20th century.

Tagged under Supernatural Skeptic John Keel. I had two questions occur to me after I finished.

Jadoo by John Keel (1957)

Free Kesl Book Reviews. Like other contemporary s researchers such as J. Retrieved 28 December Comment by John Lacey — January 9, 4: Bri Fidelity rated it really liked it Apr 12, Views Read Edit View history.


Seriah Azkath rated it it was amazing Jan 06, But what’s enjoyable about this book lies not so much in its attempt to grapple with the truth as in its presentation of humankind’s trans-cultural fascination with strangeness.

More than 2, books were reviewed in the course of his investigation, in addition to thousands of magazines, newsletters, and newspapers. This edition also includes some new material: Most of what he finds is explicable in rational terms, or is stuff that he can add to his repertoire of magic tricks. There is a chapter entitled “Ingrid” that is supposedly not in the original.

Keel also argued that there is a direct relationship between UFOs and elemental phenomena. However, a year into his investigations, Keel realized that kele extraterrestrial hypothesis was untenable and did not explain, for him, based within his personality and belief systems, all the answers.

Latest from Seriah Azkath Bigfoot: The book was widely popularized as the basis of a film of the same name starring Richard Gere. He worked as a freelance contributor to newspapers, scriptwriter for local radio and television outlets, and author of pulp articles such as “Are You A Repressed Sex Fiend? But his sense of humor never left him, keek wearing an all white suit to the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia for the unveiling of the new Mothman replica.

Keel took no position on the ultimate purpose of the phenomenon other than that the UFO intelligence seems to have a long-standing interest in interacting with the human race. Keel was born in Hornell, New Yorkthe son of a small-time bandleader. It saddens me that he only wrote a few books.

Jadoo by John A. Keel

Further influenced by Fortean Ivan T. He was interested in magic illusion and had his first story published in a magicians’ magazine at age The book has aged very, very well. No trivia or quizzes yet. List of reported UFO sightings Sightings in outer space. Kartik Galphade rated it really liked it Nov 25, Fernando Fernandes rated it really liked it Feb 03, Preview — Jadoo by John A.


But every now and then ajdoo seems to rub up against something he can’t explain, such as a sighting of a yeti, or a Buddhist monk — encountered quite by chance — who seems able to move around with his mind a bare wooden stool.

Inwhen the book was written, Afghanistan was hardly a blip on anyone’s radar. No, John never did revisit his old Jadoo haunts. By that he means they are shape-changing phenomena from another order of existence.

Keel coined the term “men in black” to describe the mysterious figures alleged to harass UFO witnesses and he also argued that there is a direct relationship between UFOs and psychic phenomena.

I read this years ago and still have it on my “books to keep” shelf. Kind of interesting that it exists, especially since he had to sell all his equipment to have money to live on shortly after this. Duffy rated it liked it Dec 31, Mandy O’Dell rated it really liked it Aug 02, Tower, The Fickle Finger of Fate.

Pop Haydn rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Keel jadlo the term “ultraterrestrials” to describe UFO occupants he believed to be non-human entities capable of taking on whatever form they want.

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