Álvaro Yáñez Bianchi, más conocido por el seudónimo Juan o Jean Emar ( Santiago de Chile, Sus obras más destacadas son la colección de cuentos Diez (), las novelas breves Ayer, Un año, y Miltín (todas publicadas en ). Juan Emar has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Juan Emar’s most popular book is Ayer. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Juan emar’s ayer: Pataphysics impressions of modernity | This study intends to propose an interpretation of Ayer, by Juan.

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But aesthetics belong to us all, and so I must insist.

Books by Juan Emar

Lucuma fruit with cream. As he had done a moment earlier, our good friend waited a minute and then, looking at each of us in turn, he spoke to us in his confidential tone, to which he added a touch of sadness.

His jaguar features remained unchanged. But let us keep within the limits we have set. I pricked up my ears. He did not sneeze or cough. I will try to explain them.

Those of the ayed, the supposed show. I felt my legs giving out. And it has this something thanks to the fact that there is, in that through which it circulates, a stability, and that stability is only possible thanks to a constant, or almost constant, balance, and for there to be a balance there must be at least two to balance.


You two forget that I am not a happy man. Let us fix that word firmly in our heads: Then we would turn, alternating right and left, after something, anything. Translation copyright by Megan McDowell. After an hour, Ruben de Loa began to look at she who is my better half. But, I tell you, this is not what knowing is, you have not gotten inside your green.

Ayer – Juan Emar – Google Books

It was enough already of greens, of reds, of painters and aquatic environments. Afterwards we both coincided in a coffee. Let it suffice for me to say that in that place was my own green, which up until then I had not known existed. And this, I believe, is sufficient to pay the respect that my friend deserves. Believe me, for the love of God!

Those reds are not only for your paintings; they are for the whole environment here inside. Let us think about it for a moment, shake up the mind a bit. Only one—with what, with whom, will it balance? We headed for the Basilica restaurant, which was the closest, and sat down at a table.

As soon as life offers us another occasion, we will be delighted to come again. While my wife and I were there contemplating the paintings, with our friend behind us, his hands lifted, a toucan belonging to an elderly neighbor lady let out its wild song. How, then, does ayeer not explode before such an imbalance?


For a long time I searched for the cause of my disquiet, but with no success.

Juan Emar – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Three drops of sweat appeared on his forehead. I was speaking, then, of the atmosphere, may that be perfectly clear. He waited a minute and then, in a confidential tone, he told us, his gaze alternating between my wife and me.

Picarones in sugar sauce. It is enough to say it like this.

I repeat, there is no danger. I recognized those reds, sexual and burning, among all the others because they held within them the shapes of tender young girls, and there was no perception of the corresponding greens that would calm them, that would place them within a placid equilibrium.

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