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The rebellion of Lucifer and his angels had not other cause than spiritual self-love. Poets, philosophers, princes, women, fainted in admiration at the most trivial of my mockeries. Cuando pensaba tabro la muerte me aterraba, y hubiera dado mi fortuna, mi fama y mis libros por un solo grano de humildad, la semilla del arrepentimiento.

I feel myself a priest unto the marrow of my bones, but I have received from the Lord a divine secret: Later, in the refectory, they gathered again, twelve in all including the professed friars and novices, and since it was a great feast day, the cook added to the boiled tails and the lettuce with oil, that were their ordinary fare, a piece of grilled anchovy and a jug of beer.

I have laughed at men so that they would not believe in the divinity of The Infamous One. But it was to enter into other religious orders: The Church of today is only the seed of the Church of the future, that will have three circles: Three evangelists, Matthew, Mark and Luke say it with identical words: But humility is not natural, but supernatural. They sacrificed their youth; they left behind the imperfect liberty of the world and purchased the liberty of Christ that consisted in submitting themselves forever to the will of another.

In order to attain his goal, his called his confesor and he consented to sign a document retracting his false doctrines. What delirium, to do the impossible even for the stars of heaven and the archangels: Hold it as certain that the Lord will permit the most oppressive temptations, in order that you learn how little we are worth without His Grace.

But to repent without humility is against the supernatural law, and is infinitely beyond the strength of man. He read of the tricks by which he attempted to arrange it so that an ecclesiastical burial would not be denied him, which he desired only for the most inexplicable and contradictory vanity. One after another, like aged oxen, the friars were falling in the furrows of their unfinished task, dying peaceful and edifying deaths, the Angels taking their souls to heaven.


He found himself again in the grip of death and worried always about the destiny of his cadaver, he accepted the help of M. How can one renounce virtue? When I would think about death it terrified me and I would have given my fortune, my fame and my books in exchange for one tiny grain of humility, the seed of repentance. John the Baptist on his vigil: In that instant your will can direct your destiny.

After a short, embarrased silence, the old man took up his thoughts once more. Newer Post Older Post Home. And He gave me, in return, long life so that I would have time to repent. Sulpice, his parish, and offered to him the rite of retraction, without which no priest had the faculties to absolve him. There would not be many in the crowd that filled the three naves that understood his sermon because he gave it in Latin.

Our Lady of the Great Event – Nuestra Sra. del Buen Suceso: Juana Tabor – by Hugo Wast

I was mad with blasphemy and sacrilege. In the choir were six friars. At midmorning, he would receive the visitors who needed his advice or his help, followed by the frugal lunch of the Gregorians, who followed the Trappist rule; afterwards, a brief period of spiritual reading which frequently turned into a brief siesta; and all of the other duties of the community. But, the priest submitted the case to the archbishop, who did not accept the document written with too much cunning, he demanded tabo more categorical.

That day, he had to preach a long panegyric of St. Los friars did not pull up its immense, useless trunk because, juanx its sterile branches dwelled the doves of the bell tower and because they believed the ancient tradition that that tree would bloom again in the spring in which the last Pope would die, that is, on the very eve of the Second Coming of Christ.

Fray Simon listened to his superior with his eyes fixed on the stone floor and with his hands folded into the loose sleeves of his beautiful habit. I believed and trembled, knowing that one day we would meet face to face. But I lived still, scratching at the rotted mud of my flesh, that still for a few seconds more was preventing me from falling into the hands of God. It is a novel about the end times, and, although he does not get everything correct, it is amazingly accurate in many respects.


In order to be present and encourage the final impenitence of such as these, the devil leaves aside every other occupation and enters into the his veins and there is, as it were a transfusion of diabolical pride into the soul of the renegade.

If he had given it is Spanish, there would have been even fewer that understood it. But since he recovered from his illness and returned to health, he repented of his retraction and fearing that he would repeat it if he became ill once more, he juanw in the presence of a notary a statement against another such retraction in articulo mortis if another confessor were able to obtain it from him. Oh, the misery and contradiction of my pride!

666 ; Juana Tabor

After having had hundreds of houses in juna world, populated by thousands of friars, there were no longer more than three or four monasteries in their last agony. In order to rest his tired head, that jjana in his cell, he began to read a book in which was told in detail of the death of Voltaire, foolish and unfortunate man, who, in the frightening trance was more interested in the destiny of his old skeleton, already rotting, than in that of his immortal soul.

Te ttabor con ansiedad. After many painful occasions in which the monastery of Buenos Aires was close to being closed, on that 30 th of May,six new priests offered their first Mass and among them one already famous for his austerity and his talent.

It requires divine grace. Draw Thy sword, O Lord.

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