I grew up in the fifties, with a mother whose expectations for me didn’t go beyond wanting me to be a good girl. She urged me to get a college degree in. Wifey by Judy Blume – book cover, description, publication history. Judy Blume’s novel Wifey is not her usual fare. Obviously as an adult fiction book it is automatically set apart from how we all knew her in our.

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Some sturm and drang, but the book ends on a touching note. My impression is that Sandy Pressman was living in a fog, she had everything her mom and husband said she should want, but never thought for herself, or even thought about anything at all.

Wifey: an adult novel – Judy Blume – Google Books

Since the POV is Sandy’s, we don’t see what goes on in his head. For sixteen years, writing saved me and my marriage.

Sometimes she just carries these sexual fantasies through nudy their conclusions in her head, sometimes the real life encounters that she falls into are less than fantastical. She then realizes that she has made a lot of mistakes.

I was, after all, raised to be Sandy. Or working on her golf game.

The Baggage of Blumeness: Two Rioters Do WIFEY

It was tart and sharp and jufy so. His posture was hunched, his arms hanging down like an ape’s. I quite liked this book; as a young, unemployed at the moment wife, I can relate to the character’s restlessness and confusion at her conflicting emotions, and I’ve always enjoyed reading intelligently written erotica I read Anne Rice’s Anne Rampling “Sleeping Beauty” series at far too young an age ,so this book was a shoo-in for me.


I’m not actually sure what this story was and quite frankly wondering if I’m just too stupid to get it because I’m in the minority on this one – people may not love it, but they have found value in it.

I also seem to recall her masturbating blune she was in traffic and giving head to someone, but that could be another book. Judy’s wfey of writing tips. Open Preview See a Problem? Was this really what was like?

The Baggage of Blumeness: Two Rioters Do WIFEY

Okay, were topless blu,e parties like a forreal thing? So yes i think I can say I still enjoy a good sex scene in my books ; and Judy Blue is very capable of that. But by the mid seventies all the rules had changed. While I was reading this book, I started indulging in little fantasies.

Which is a fair question, I think. I read this book, for the first time, when it came out in the late 70s. Pot Roast on Thursdays, don’t forget. Did it change my aifey According to the introduction by Blume the main character dumps the husband and goes on an adventure That last was probably the fault of that married schlep who showed her tenderness, he spent a lot of time tenderizing other women before her, I gather.

Sandy was staring out the window when Norman came back judh walking the dog. I thought the characters were well-developed; I felt like I got to know Sandy pretty well, and came to dislike Norman, quickly.


Great wifdy of spittle dripped down his chin, along with something bblume and black. Sandy shrieked and stumbled back. Early on, Sandy daydreams that her husband has died. The source of her discontent seems to be her husband, Norman, who fills a specific role in their relationship and nothing more. Jan 18, Polly rated it really liked it Shelves: I don’t believe the reader is meant to like it.

Throughout the book, Sandy comes across as being completely wrong.

No sympathetic characters, no personal growth, no love, no happy ending. You get obscene phone calls and every guy you meet wants to “do it” italics original with you? That would explain her utter lack of emotional connection, and there are those fantasies of violence against her husband From her bedroom window, Sandy watches the man, who discards the sheet initially draped over him, masturbates, and then leaves on a motorcycle. My mother was very happy. The woman who told me about periods and wet dreams now told me about You’re 33 and married with two kids and dudes from all over want to bone you?

Well, let’s start here. She was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in Our Judy was a brave woman! Wifey is the anti-romance. She has three grown children, speaks out against censorship, and continues uudy write.

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