Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon is the standard by which all others are measured. It takes time & it’s worth it! Perfect with a good bottle of red wine!. Julia Child was one of America’s first (and dare I say greatest) It’s like this beef bourguignon, perhaps her most famous recipe and the subject. I have just finished watching Julie and Julia and I have decided that next weekend I am going to make BOEUF BOURGUIGNON for my husband, older brother.

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Have made this numerous times and could make this in my sleep. The recipe was easy and will definately make again. I made mashed potatoes with it.

boudguignon Learn how your comment data bourguignom processed. Wipe out skillet and heat remaining oil and butter over high heat. All the flavors blend together so well- everyone in my house loved it! What can I do to add more juice but not ruin the flavor? I made this last night, it was delicious!!!. In all honesty, this will take some time. I have a question, in trying to make this dish a little bit more healthy BUT keeping the flavor.

Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon

Heat the oil in a large dutch oven or heavy based pot. I hope you enjoy it! I am so glad that you gave it a try and that it turned out so well. Was just watching her yesterday! Would it stay the same bouf an Instant Pot? Can I do this in my instant pot? Can I use beef broth instead of stock?


Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon Recipe –

Serve a crisp salad with a nice balsamic dressing and a glass of wine or prosecco or sparkling water for those that do not want or cant have alcohol or for the children. Set aside with the bacon. Pinot Grigio is a white wine — is that what you used? Thank you so much for asking. People should know how to cook eat well.

Ellen Copperman February 12, at 9: In a large dutch oven pan, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Do I have to add onions?

Boeuf Bourguignon a La Julia Child

When the meat is tender, remover the casserole from the oven and empty its contents into a sieve set over a saucepan. I made your oven version, and it was delicious. Should all of the other ingredients be likewise increased? Hi Karina Forgot to ask what cut of brisket should I use for beef bourguignon? Please let me know! How can I thicken it up? Check the pan towards the end of the cooking time.

The amount of liquid the recipe calls for always covers the meat and vegetables. I bought a sirloin tip roast, and cut the pieces myself, getting rid of the excess fat.

Toss the meat again and return to oven for 4 minutes this browns the flour and coves the meat with a light crust. Pour out the excess fat. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


And she cooked with the same inspired strokes of an artist to create timeless gastronomical masterpieces.

Kim November 5, at 1: Fresh onions will require longer cooking time, about minutes. While the stew simmers, pour yourself a few glasses of red wine, and watch Julie and Julia. Return bacon to the pot. Thank you for simplifying this recipe.

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Distribute the mushrooms and onions over the meat. I use very little liquid — often just half a wine glass full and possibly a splash of stock or hot water. The beef stock is just more flavorful and stronger in taste. Thank you for your pictures and rewritten recipe!

I used brisket in the recipe. I will do them the day jhlia serving! Your modifications were spot on!

Garnish your gorgeous masterpiece with parsley and serve with potatoes. I would use red! Meat will tenderize if you cook it long enough. Thank you for sharing with me! There is so much flavour in this, you need a fairly plain bourguignoh to go with it. Or else it won’t brown.

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