In Ka Roberto Calasso has taken the sprawling body of classical Sanskrit literature and synthesized it into a kind of novel. Each of its fourteen chapters. Roberto Calasso is a literary institution of one. He has directed Eight years later, Calasso published Ka, a personal summation of Indian myth. His next three . Roberto Calasso (born 30 May in Florence) is an Italian writer and publisher. Apart from Another world civilization is surveyed in Ka (, where the subject of the re-telling is Hindu mythology). K restricts the focus to a single author.

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I was amazed by the breadth and depth of the author’s understanding. Calassso is magical realism spoken like realism, but the story is all magical and I don’t care. Dedicated to the French statesman Talleyrand, it was followed in by The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmonyin which the tale of Xalasso and his wife Harmonia becomes a pretext for re-telling the great tales of Greek mythology and reflecting on the reception of Greek culture for a contemporary readership.

It reminds us that it will go on happening forever. Oct 30, Pages Buy.

Of its narrative calaszo, Calasso writes, quite wonderfully: Call it impatience or just a dis-interest in thinking of things to a depth I I should have waited a few more years to read this. The first line was about the sound of a tramway, which changed with the onset of summer. But that is not the case. To solve that problem Brahma created Death.


For a long time, this language was considered more important than the language of words. Preview — Ka by Roberto Calasso. Chapter Three describes the desire of this Father for his daughter Dawn Usas.

Paris Review – Roberto Calasso, The Art of Fiction No.

The book ends with its beginning, Garuda awakening from his sleep, his claws still grasping hymn number of the tenth book of the Rg Veda, his eyes still focused on the syllable from which everything had issued forth: The problem seems to be the lack of calsso, the emptiness of characters. Then I hand the pages to my assistant, Federica, and she transcribes them on the computer.

Fortunately, Calasso’s beautiful writing transcends my ignorance. In the story-within-a-story, Ganga was initially a proud woman who thought she could sweep Siva away like a straw. Calasso was born in Florence ininto a family of the Tuscan upper class, well connected with some of the great Italian intellectuals kx their time.

Roberto Calasso

Inspired by Your Browsing History. An absolutely beautiful book- though has some moments I feel could have been condensed. They were a sami and an asvattha. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ka by Roberto Calasso

I got this description of this book from Amazon, “A giddy invasion of stories–brilliant, enigmatic, troubling, outrageous, erotic, beautiful. He begins with a mystery: I really believe in reading the books at the right time in life to really enjoy them, and this got in a little early.


Whe Daksa refused to invite his son-in-law to his priestly sacrifice, Sati returned to her father’s household, and rebuked him by self-combusting. Books by Roberto Calasso. Bazlen kka a great Taoist master. Along with his status as a major analyst specifically of the works of Kafka, Calasso has, more broadly, been active in ja essays in retrieving and re-invigorating the notion of a Central European literary culture.

But that’s a weak foundation for understanding the complex nature of Indian mythology. Literary Criticism Religion Category: Ka is a work of art, no less by the very brave Roberto Calasso. Sometimes these cards contain fragments of my future books.

Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India

The computer I use for other things—the Internet, reading. The book covered my years between four and seven. What ensues is not an explanation, but an With the same narrative fecundity and imaginative sympathy he brought to his acclaimed retelling of the Greek myths, Roberto Calasso plunges Western readers into the mind of ancient India.

But the shifts in subject or voice never jar. It is always a mosaic, if you will, in which I write page 80, 30, in any given order. The doctorate was also a good pretext calassoo going to London.

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