Kadambari: Bana: great work, the prose romance Kadambari, is named for the heroine of the novel. The book describes the affairs of two sets of lovers through. “Bana is among the three most important prose writers in classical Sanskrit, all of whom Kadambari is a lyrical prose romance that narrates the love story of. The Kadambari Of Bana has 5 ratings and 1 review. Dirk said: In a word ornate. This 7th century novel was originally written in India in Sanskrit. It is.

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Bright in strength, why so confusod? Look out in this direction! For how else could such a storehouse of learning become straight- way unavailing? The paragraphs have been numbered for ease of reference.

Kadambari | work by Bana |

Return to Book Page. Who but thee could give advice at this time, or could attempt to restrain my wandering? U ‘ With renowned warriors on their backs.

Here a young antelope, leaving his mother, 1 Lit. It is nearly time to go homo.

The Kadambari Of Bana

Then her betel-nut bearer, Makarikfi, who was always near her, said to the king: A half a page devoted to lapidary comparisons between the heroine and the moon in complex sentences with rigid parallel construction is nothing unusual. He looked at me long with a very languid glance, and then, deeply sighing, in accents broken by shame, he slowly and with pain murmured: In fact, two modern Indian languages Kannada and Marathi use ‘kadambari’ as a generic term kaambari a romance or a novel.

How do I even breathe but by strong kasambari Jloaven, WMiing earth trodd ;n hy him, no longcsr taken pride in being dwelt in by the Severn KiHliin. I, too, eager to learn whence it came, with eyes turned into buds, and drawn on like a bee by that scent, and attracting to kadambrai the kalaharnsas of the lake by the jangling of my anklets loudly clashed in the tremulous speed of my curiosity, advanced a few steps and beheld a graceful youthful ascetic coming down to bathe.

For on a mind free from 77 Btain the virtue of good counsel enters easily, as the moon’s rays on a moon crystal. A son was born, and taking him in her arms with the words, ‘ Take him, for he is thine,’ she gave bans to Cyvetaketu, who performed all the rites of a son’s birth, and called him PuiKlarika, because he was born in a pundarika lotus.

Hence the perfume of rushes the boars have chewed! The hall of audience was astir on all sides with the sound of the anklets of the cowrie bearers as they disappeared in all directions, bearing the cowries on their shoulders, their gems tinkling at every step, broken by the cry of the kalahamsas, eager to drink the lotus honey ; 30 with the pleasant music of the jewelled girdles and wreaths of the dancing-girls coming to pay their respects as they struck their breast and sides ; with the cries of the kalahamsas of the palace lake, which, cliarmod by the sound of the anklets, whitened the broad steps of the hall of audience ; with the voices of the tame cranes, eager for the sound of the girdles, screaming more and more with a prolonged outcry, like the scratching of bell-metal ; with the heavy tramp on the floor of the hall of audience struck by the feet of a hundred neighbouring chiefs suddenly departing, which seemed to shake the earth like a hurricane ; with the cry of ‘ Look!


S8 ‘”On one memorable day the king had gone at evening to an inner pavilion, where, encircled by a ‘ Wifo of JuUiuiAhii.

Full text of “The Kadambari of Bana”

It is adorned with trees tended by Lopamudra as her own children, fed with water sprinkled by her own hands, and trenched round by herself.

As the women gazed on him with eyes fixed and widened in curiosity, the form of Candrapida entered into kadamgari hearts as though they were mirrors nana water or crystal ; and as the glow of love manifested itself there, their graceful banz became straightway mirthful, con- fidential, confused, envious, scornful, derisive, coquettish, loving, or full of longing.

The exceeding whiteness of her form concealed her limbs as though she had entered a crystal shrine, or had plunged into a sea of milk, or were hidden in spotless silk, or were caught on the surface of a mirror, or were veiled in autumn clouds. This is most wonderful. Other animals by his great energy he took alive.

On the way, near the Nandana Wood, a nymph, drunk with the juice of flowers, wearing fresh mango shoots in her ear, veiled completely by garlands falling to the knees, girt with kesara flowers, and resting on the fair hand lent her by the Laksmi of spring, took this spray of parijata, and bending low, thus addressed Pundarlka: Where thy conquest of the senses?

The latter story also contains several instances of one character relating kadwmbari sub-story to another character. In the afternoon, after your meal of roots and fruits, bama you are kadambagi quietly, I will tell you the whole story from beginning to end — who he is, what he did in another birth, and how he was born in this world. Here a lion closes his eyes, and is pleased to have his moon- white mane pulled by the young elephants that mistake it for lotus-fibres.


They are seized by demons, conquered by imps, possessed by enchantments, held by monsters, mocked by the wind, swallowed by ogres.

Naughty one, lift up the ear-llower waving on thy cheek! To whom but thee should I listen?

From his great age, the wide wings he raised had lost their power of flight, and hung loose from liis shoulders, so that when he shook them he seemed to be trying to shake off the painful old age that kadaambari to his body, while his few remaining tail feathers wore broken liko a tatter of ku ;a grass ; and yet, though he was unable to wander far, he gathorcd up kadambri of fruit torn down by parrotH and fallen at the foot of the tree, and picked up grains of rice from rico-stalkH that had fallen from other nohtH, with a boak the point of which was broken and the edge worn away and rubbed by breaking rice-clusters, and pink as the stalk of the sophalikfi ilower when still hard, and ho daily kqdambari his own meal on what I left.

It is conventionally divided into Purvabhaga kadsmbari part written by Banabhattaand Uttarabhaga latter part by Bhushanabhatta. Bfina is shown in his not attaching the degrading forms of birth to Kfidambari or her parents. Now the gods of thy race are content. Impish girl, thy mantle has fallen, and thou art mocked!

And after the embrace, Candraplda baba down on the bare ground by his father’s fooisiool, kicking away the cloak which liad been rolled up and liaHiily made into a neat by his own bot 4-nut bearer, and softly bidding her take it away; 1! How came thine attainment of the Vedas, and thine acquaintance with the Castras, and thy skill in the fine arts?

Kdaambari begins with stanzas in saluta- tion to some divinity, as also descriptive of the behaviour of bad men and others. And why are thy jewelled anklets, with their murmur like teals on the lake of love, not graced with the touch of thy lotus-feet?

I have also to thank Miss G.

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