Kadazandusun Dictionary apps is a new publication that have been created especially for all language enthusiasts all over the world as well for those who love. The first Kadazan Dictionary, “Kadazan-English and English-Kadazan Dictionary” dictionary” () published by the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia: Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Content language: Multiple languages. English. Austronesian languages. Linguistic type.

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But really those buggers who laughed at you were more “Kulang Ajal” or “Racially Challenged” and does not represent the Kadazans or people in Penampang. Anonymous September 1, at An atempt to proceed the term is dictioanry clogging the harmony of the existing peace, sentitivity and attitude should be taken into consideration.

Such translated sentences are very useful addition to dictionaries. Opening suggestions, the move towards correction can be initiated from the official side NRD. These are all strong braves who are proud of their dialects and culture albeit both Natives but different in dialects. A dictionary is a book that explains the words of a dictionzry language either in that same language or dictoinary another language or a few other languages. If the writer Annon is madazandusun Kadazan or Dusun, does he want his race to be excluded in the Dictionary and to be identified as ‘Kadazandusun’ when it is not a race?

I’m bewildered with this fusion of name; isn’t it enough if one chose to be known as one prefers? They come from many sources and are not checked. If they want to be called Kadazans, call them Kadazans.

It does not matter la by the end kadazandksun the day, we discover ada persamaan. They have failed and their failure has now been translated kadazandusjn a so called “Kadazan and Dusun” dictionarh crisis. But let not this burst into an all out kadazajdusun, after all Kadazans and Dusuns are all Momoguns.


And let our brothers and sisters who are born Dusun, to continue living as such. True our rights as sons of the soils are guaranteed under the constitution, but it is a right we have to fight for and fight hard to win for it.

Then came politics and the rest is history. Dusun Dictionary – still available; 3. This was reported in the Daily Express not very long ago. Help us develope Glosbe dictionaries and see how yours knowledge kadazandksun people around the globe. This is a wrong argument. When the British Charterred Company came in the ‘s, they were given the impression by the coastal villagers, namely the Bajaus that the natives in the Penampang and Papar areas were called “Dusun”.

I am sure you don’t wish to have the race ‘Kadazan’ to precede your race ‘Dusun’, or vice versa. This is an sictionary culture. Let the term ‘Kadazan’ and ‘Dusun’ continue to exist side by side as they were in existence since time immemorial. FYI, I skyped them up minutes ago and they agreed with me that they want to stay on as “Dusun Lotud”. I totally feel that those who consider ‘Kadazandusun’ as an ethnic race are ‘penghianat’ to the ‘Kadazan’ and the ‘Dusun’ Dato’ Seri Dr.

I do not recall anyone stating in any manisfesto that they will change our race nor have I ever voted or empowered anyone to change my race.

OLAC Language Resource Catalog

Our political leaders should look into the grievances you have raised and described, and they should not be too busy with their own personal preservation. Why can we be proud as Kadazandusun and still maintains our respective culture, and there is really nothing wrong if when addressing a function or crowd in salutation by saying Tobinai Kadazan and Dusun ngavi One For The Road.


Pardon me, it was never suggested in my coment to create a new race.

People laughing on Kadazandusin I’m a true bred Kadazan from Penampang. This is even if we remain only a handful. You should know, that Glosbe does not store word but rather the idea of what the word means. Pls refer to this link http: Disimon – Free Online Library.

Kadazan Dictionary

Been working here for a while now. I have never heard of it. Ok, let us propose this for the supporters of the Kadazandusuns – who obviously are at the behest of their political friends and masters and some just dctionary it because they it is right – my proposal is: I am pretty certain that there is no Kadazandusun in the list of the NRD. Anonymous September 28, at Disimon, can you explain why there is a movement to change the race identity of the Dusuns and the Kadazans? An associative array, a data structure where each value is referenced by a particular key, analogous to words and definitions in a physical dictionary.

Anonymous February 8, at 8: Quote to ponder “You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

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