Kaffir Boy in America [Mathabane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kaffir Boy in America, by Mathabane, Mark. Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane – The classic story of life in Apartheid South Africa. Mark Mathabane was weaned on devastating poverty and schooled in the cruel. Free summary and analysis of the events in Mark Mathabane’s Kaffir Boy that won’t make you snore. We promise.

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What of those who didn’t get out? As someone who has only a bare basics knowledge of the mechanics of apartheid, this book was definitely eye-opening.

This book is emotional, inspiring, sad and incredible on all levels. I felt this in particular when he described conversations with his mother.

Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane — Banned Library

I thought hearing the unpleasant truths, no matter how it was written, would leave me with more insight and understanding. To ask other readers questions about Kaffir Boyplease sign up.

Trivia About Kaffir Boy: Mathabaje never paints himself as anything but a victim or a saint. The fact that such a crazy, cruel system existed is one thing – but that it was only abolished 21 years ago is mind-blowing.

Mathabane describes his early years in minute detail, and also recounts conversations as if they were recorded, and these affectations cause me to wonder how much is true and how much is an effort to present himself in a certain light.

This extraordinary memoir of life under apartheid is a triumph of the human spirit over hatred and unspeakable degradation. It was only abolished in – the year I was born!! I liked Mathabane’s story overall, but parts of it seemed way too good to be true; somehow.

Kaffir Boy

I had no idea what went on during that era and sadly some of what went on then, is probably still happening now. I would have done the exact same thing as Mark given the situation, but the last section reads like more of a defense of the decision rather then an examination of it.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. I realized the importance of viewing my life not simply as a series of my own experiences, but rather through the stories of those around me. Mark Mathabane shows the struggle his society went through and without bog qualities you would be lost in the crowd. Such thing as education and employment is a daily struggle for them and without hope and devotion their black society would earn no rights.

I loved reading about the process he took to become a recognized academic and tennis player. This is just fine, and something I would expect; but why then, does the character of ‘Johannes’ suddenly become ‘Mark’ at random times b the concluding portion of the book? This was the start of violent student protests against Afrikaans and the apartheid system.

I had never herd about apartheid until I read this book and realized what had happened in South Africa years ago. The scene which most parents object to involves his rape for money by several adult black South Africans, but there are scenes of physical violence without the sex that nearly as shocking.

Jan 28, Bailey Olfert rated it it was ok. Mark survived and got out and now lives a thriving life in the USA.

A beautiful text on the accomplishment of dreams no matter what may hold you down in the world. My general knowledge was slightly expanded, specifically with regards to historical personalities in tennis.

Killing gangs, youth prostitution, and lack of clean water, food There is no reason mathababe forget the horrible atrocities of apartheid, and this book truly will open your eyes to a society that is indifferent to differences and creates second class citizens in kaffor own homeland. Kaffir was an insulting way to refer to black people.


The book is inspiring and tells the story of how Mark fought racism to get where he ended up. After reading, I closed it and sighed heftily. Mathaabane Mark Mathabane, armed only with the courage of his family and a hard-won education, raised himself up from the squalor and humiliation to win a scholarship to an American university. What was that about? It was really inspiring how big he dreamed and pushe I usually don’t read many biographies but after reading only a few pages, I was hooked.

See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. He was given exposure to opportunities, a chance to win a tennis scholarship to an American college.

Kaffir Boy: An Autobiography by Mark Mathabane

Mathabane’s lack of attention to descriptive details is however not reflected in his descriptions of conversations, which he appears to recall word for word, paragraph after paragraph.

Wow-this is an eye opening book.

This book is both inspiring and heatbreaking. I don’t mean to cavil about Mathabane, but I couldn’t help notice that whenever he lost a tennis match, he always gave an excuse I had an injury, it was too windy etc. I can’t even begin to understand the challenges for people living in Apartheid South Africa. Jul 31, Jenneffer rated it really liked it. Feb 17, Chana rated it mathabame liked it Shelves: And answering “yes baas” yb necessary for survival under apartheid.

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