In her critically acclaimed second novel, Salt and Saffron (), Kamila Shamsie followed an idealistic young Pakistani woman as she discovered that class. Impassioned and touching, KARTOGRAPHY is a love song to Karachi. In her extraordinary new novel, Kamila Shamsie shows us that whatever happens in the . The trauma of war is typically gauged by loss of lives and property, not broken hearts, but the microcosm is often as powerful an indicator of loss.

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The characters central to the book, Karim and Raheen, are easily the most lovable characters that I have come across in the recent part. Shamsle assume they will eventually marry. Set in the Eighties and Nineties in one of Pakistan’s largest cities, it is a tale of friendship, love, betrayal and anguish.

I think it strengthens her sense of being tied to the place. Her metaphors where thoughtful. Who wants to do that after reading a book? The strong bond of friendship between these two groups of friends and a huge transformation due to changing circumstances, both in the past and present, the nature and intensity of their love, their changing nature and personalities, all with such precision just melts into kartograpphy complete beauty.

Its the kind of book that hooks you immediately and makes it hard for you to stop until you’ve reached the last page but at the same time leaves you wondering whether you loved it or you hated it or you loved it as much as you hated kartographg The narrator is an annoying character -Sonia is covering her head? Intriguingly and somewhat salaciously, Karim’s father used to be engaged to Raheen’s father and vice kamika. This book is too real. Worst of all, the book continues for odd pages after this big climax.


I didn’t think it was posiible for me to fall in love with novels anymore, having cheated on them wih poetry for two years now. The Politics of Regret: Discover what to read next. Simply written, with the story evolving as per requirement; kareem and raheen are characters I shall remember for quite some time. And yet, ironically, even these so called intellectual minds born in this metropolitan city and shamsiw educated in foreign universities fail to stand up for each other.

Literary Visions of Political Origins. There are suamsie descriptions of the city of Karachi and its never ending violence,but as that is a very familiar subject for me,that too felt rather tiresome.

It taught me about the Bangladeshi independence war, which has touched the lives of people I know. Mar 31, Kristina Gomez rated it it was amazing.


Shamsie never adequately explains any of the characters’ motivations or reactions. I have read other works by Shamsie, all worth reading, no doubt, and I agree that it is a writer’s obligation to venture into new territory, but I believe that when she writes about Pakistan, is when she is truly in her element and at her very best.

Demanding this, demanding that. Why was he looking to them for an escape when I was right here beside him? kamla


Review: Kartography by Kamila Shamsie | Books | The Guardian

Though I believe Zia gave up on Sonia too easily to be in love with her. Books by Kamila Shamsie.

Raheen’s kartogeaphy was once engaged to Karim’s mother, and her mother was once engaged to his father, yet the families strangely maintained close ties. The stories which get told are like the pieces of a larger puzzle: At times it reminded me why I kind of preferred Lahore, and it captured so well many feelings I sha,sie about Karachi when I worked there.

Culture and the Real. He is currently working on Pakistani literature and history, and has served as an Associate Editor for the online journal Pakistaniaat.

If not, how they must envy us humans GOD!!! It’s in a completely different writing style than the rest of the book i. As someone who is from Karachi and who loves living in Karachi – my relationship with my home is quite ksrtography complicated thing to explain. They have been inseparable friends since earliest infancy; they finish each other’s sentences and share a talent for anagrams. Do you know what it is to wander out of the comfort of your own streets and your own stories?

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