Ph.M. Kanarev: [email protected] The Kuban State Agrarian University, Department of Theoretical Mechanics. 13, Kalinin Street, , Krasnodar. PLANCK’S CONSTANT AND. THE MODEL OF THE ELECTRON. Ph. M. Kanarev. The Kuban State Agrarian University. Department of Theoretical Mechanics. Before finishing this unexpected essay let me reflect on what came to my mind as I was reading Kanarev’s paper again. I was thinking about similarities between.

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The models of the electron and the law of formation of the spectra of the atoms and the ions change our notions concerning the structure of the atoms and the molecules.

Physical Model of Plasma – Electrolytic Process The controversy was finished by the consent in existence of such situation in a Nature, when these direct are intersected in infinity.

The opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth: A Japanese Fairytale about the Hydrogen Atom view.

Questions And Answers About Microworld. The absolute lack of exceptions to this self-evident fact, and kkanarev inescapable synchronism of the motion of material objects in space with the passage of time, provide the kamarev to consider the paperd of space, matter and time to be a universal axiom and to use it as the criterion for determining the validity of existing and future knowledge.

Kanarev has demonstrated not once that the axiom of space – matter – time unity introduced by him does not allow false notions concerning the essence of the phenomena. Structure of Helium Nucleus and Atom. There are words whose meanings are very specific, having the least conceptual capacity, such as point, line, triangle, angle I understand frustration of people like him.

Bouianov, Nikolai Bowman, S. Tang, Feilin Tank, Jigna G. Stop video at the moment of time and you will see, that two white wires on the right are connected to electrolyser.


Walker, James Walton, D. Updated on June 8, Then a full group of Russian scientists tested the device and documented its output. Due to this electrolysis, additional heat energy generated as well as hydrogen and oxygen are the energy containing gases. The present situation demands a joint discussion of the problems, which have been accumulated in theoretical physics. papres

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In reality, fundamental sciences are based on a small quantity of the framework obvious affirmations, or axioms. The new scientific information opens the formation principles of the atoms and kanarrev molecules and gives the opportunity to calculate binding ppers of the electrons with the atomic nuclei and the electrons of the neighbouring atoms, which are united in molecules, for any energy level of the electron.

The results of our previous scientific investigations are colligated in the book. Both scientists introduce themselves as theoretical physicists.

Model of the Electron

It is an exact and simple description of the essence of the existing situation. Experimental Result Analysis Table 12,13 9. The scientific community has not paid attention to this fundamental fact, which puts Ph. Space-matter-time Unity Axiom 15 6.

The author tried to show the essence of the crisis of the theoretical physics and the way of overcoming of it, which is based on the new methods of calculating and analyzing of the great number of experimental data of optical a nuclear spectroscopy. Thus, the axiom of space – matter – time unity is in the foundation of exact sciences in spite of the author. Their main task is to explain reality.

A modern physicist has to be satisfied with compromise conceptions, which promise, at best, only partial success at the expense of community and unity” []. He called it the quantum of minimum action [31], [].

If we are going to restore causality, we shall have to pay for it and now we can only pxpers what idea must be sacrificed” []. At the end of the century the expenses for the investigations in this direction have exceeded 23 billion US dollars, but no positive result has been obtained. Physical Meaning of Temperature.


Professor Ph. M. Kanarev, Krasnodar

Many publications appeared connected the an experimental prove of obtaining of additional energy in various methods of water processing. Thousands of factors determine the development of this system, but not all of them are the main ones. Let us recall that quantum physics was born at the beginning of the 20th century when the attempt to explain experimental dependence of radiation of the full blackbody with the help of wave notions concerning this radiation turned to be unsuccessful.

It is Professor Ph. As soon as we acknowledge this fact, the axiom of space-matter-time becomes and independent judge of reliability of the mathematical models, which describe movement of material objects in space, and the theories, to which these models belong.

Degezelle, Marvin Deines, Steve D. It has been found that during the usual and plasma electrolysis of water electric power is converted to other types of energy with COP that is more than one. To do so, we will have to discuss very complex natural phenomena which can be fully understood only through mathematics. This URL shows results of numerous experiments designed to test reproducibility. The author is busy with this problem as it is clear that a delay in financing is equal to a loss of priority in this topical field of investigations, which solves two global problems of the mankind: Solution is fed from reservoir to inter-electrode space through passage.

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