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Whenever I think of him at any time, the Lord Muruga. Chants For Children – Devotional Chants for kids. How dare the God who sits on the lotus include me, a devotee of Muruga, In the book of fate among the list of people to be born again? His father died soon alangaeam his birth and his mother and sister brought him up in the rich cultural and religious traditions.

What would my bad fate be able to do to me? Oh Lord Muruga, who along with his army killed within a second, The very bad Soorapadma, with your sharp Velayudha, Which made blood ooze out of his very black body? Designed for all types of Mobile and Tablet 2. Those who with devotion sing and praise the name of the Lord of the victorious Vel, Who does all that is only good to his devotees who bow at his feet, And who completely destroyed the crowds of Asuras in the battle field, Would not get in the clutches of the limitless sea of birth, And also would not become sad affected by the disease of all soiling poverty.

How did I get a hand which does not salute with love, Him who was the nephew of the one who built a dam in the sea with monkey army, And who is the son of Lord Shiva whose only ornaments are snake, And who was the Muruga who destroyed the very strong asuras, Who made such horrible noise that the world shouted in fear?. When I forget all that I have learnt and when the relations, And people of my city cry loudly and when the five senses, Which have been with me for long have deserted me, For me no one would give me succour than you.

Oh teacher with six faces, what shall I tell about your kindness, Which taught me the honey of happiness which was made by you, In your top peak of your wisdom, mixed with your graceful pity, And made me, who was living in empty solitude, clear my thoughts. So the king arranged a public gathering and asked Arunagiri to show Lord Subramanya to others also.

Oh mind, you wander and spend your time in describing the ladies as, Milk like words, soft cotton like feet and fish like eyes, But not the Vel in the hands alnagaram Lord of Thiruchendur, Nor his peacock steed with wholesome victory as its feathers, Nor the red flowers that he holds nor his lotus like red feet, Wearing anklets and how can you ever attain salvation?.

Oh Lord who rides on the peacock with great feathers, Without any company my mind, which is like, The climber which does not have and branches kandhae climb, Is tottering, wilting and undergoing lot of suffering, And so merge me by merging me alangara your feet, Which are like the red lotus and save me.

His fame got the jealousy of chief minister of the Kingdom. Oh God who is the greatest in the world of Devas, Oh darling of him who burnt the God of love, Who is an expert in war fare and waged, A war with aoangaram arrows made of flowers like jasmine, Oh God who owns the breasts of the blue Valli, Who looks after the field of Thinai with immature pods.

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The Skanda wearing the yellow silk in his waist, With small sharp sword, with red flowers ornamenting his hands, With the flag with cock on it, with his peacock steed, And with his Vel which denotes victory, Would stand before me in the morning as well as evening. Oh famous and victorious peacock belonging to Lord Muruga, If you are permitted to redress the sorrows of the world alone, You would open your wings in a circular fashion and, Go beyond the great Meru mountain in the alwngaram north, Go beyond all the oceans as well as beyond sun light, And also beyond the eight directions and save the souls.


The cock,which came in a submissive state to Lord Muruga, Who has the great power of exterminating the army of his enemies, Made his flag be called as a victorious flag by one and all, And became capable of destroying problems created by his enemies. Oh Shanmuga who broke the Krouncha mountain allangaram peaks, Please bless me with capability to sing about, Your Vel and flag with cock in the pure Tamil language.

Oh pitiable mind, which does not know that the wealth of great kings, Roaming with their armies riding on Chariot, elephant, horse and on foot, Would one day will vanish like the letters written on the water, If you depend and kandhad the group of devotees of Muruga, Who threw is shining Vel on the Krouncha mountain and Soorapadma, You can get protection and definitely not through any other means.

Hearing that, Arunagirinathar felt how self centered and selfish he was. For Saving the confused devas, from their imprisonment, The Muruga who was wearing victorious rings on his tender feet, Rode on his peacock with very pretty feathers and destroyed Soorapadma, And using his Vel with its matchless glitter broke the eight hills.

Oh God with six heads, the thunderous clap of your twelve hands, Broke the eight mountains in eight directions in to pieces, Made the mount Meru tremble and saved the devas, Oh God please take me, who dances with the idea that life in earth is everything, And who wanders all around due the confusion created by the trance, In to your grace and save me from these delusions. Retrieved from ” http: Arunagiri started singing songs towards Lord Muruga and soon after Lord Muruga appeared in a stone pillar in the form of child.

Oh people, who waste their time by not learning without mistakes, The prayers addressed to Lord Muruga, which are capable of, Destroying bad fate and avoids you being born to another mother, know that, At the time of your death when the angry Yama with smoke filled eyes, Rolls them and puts the noose in the rope of his in your neck to take out your life, Without any benefit, possibly you would start learning them.

When the exuberant peacock of lord of Thiruchengode, Which is surrounded by fiends where Chel fishes play, Shouted and hit against the head of Adhisesha, That great snake trembled and beneath the legs of the peacock, Were lots of Manikhya gems, the Lord Vishnu, Who looks after the world and his holy wheel and conch. Oh God of death, if you dare come near my arms, See the sword of wisdom with me, who am a servant, Of the Lord holding the Vel of Thiruchendur [9]And I would make you fall down after cutting you, With your weapons known as Dandayudha and trident.

Does he not remember the time when his legs were chained by Kanda? It was suggested that bringing the Parijatha flower could only get sights back to the people. Oh god who is a baby red? They say that this body is similar to the bubbles in water, And when we study well we see wealth is like the streak of lightning, And so we say that those who may away when some one with hunger, Approaches and asks for alms are those who are not having devotion.

The God Velayudha who has a bright dazzle and a Victorious Vel.

Kandhar Alankaram

Then he leaped from the tower of Thiruvannamalai temple. And would remove the fear of the letter of death, As well as the fear of the messengers of death from me.


Alas the four headed Brahma did not give me four thousand eyes, For seeing the nephew of Lord Vishnu and the son of Lord who dances, For seeing the great God of devas and the God of real divine wisdom, And the Velava of Thiruchengode, which is full of farms with chel fishes and gardens.

Pause during call 7. The Muruga who was the teacher to the god with fully open hairs, Who took the hide of the mountain like elephant with one trunk and two tusks, And wore it as a dress for himself and also burnt the three cities, The Muruga who has the holy Vel as weapon and was the god of death, To the Soorapadma and clan of asuras told me not live in body with five bhuthas, But asked me to live in a house which no man knows without words and senses.

It is believed that the Vel split Soorapadma in to two and one part became the Peacock and the other a Cock, which occupied the flag standard of Muruga.

Drowning, melting, ebbing and twisting in the private parts of a pretty woman?. Some say that is Indra and others say that it is Soorapadma with whom he waged war. Stotra Kaumarism Skanda mantras Mantras. Oh son of the divine Parvathi who des only good and who keeps on her right, Lord Shivawho blesses pure and perennial salvation to his akangaram, Who burnt the three cities and who has three eyes, When the God of death with a form touching the sky comes, Please come in your brightly winged peacock and save me.

Oh great yogis who practice and perfect the action, Where their eye sight concentrated on the tip of their nose, Where the air they breath tries to reach the Mooladhara, Where they breath slow and mind is kept under strict leash, Better than that would be would be sending your mind, Towards the feet of the Lord, who aalangaram consort of the forest Kurathi girl.

Oh King who made a hole in the forehead of cruel Sura PadmaWhich made him loose all his strength and also made, Hot blood flow in the battle kandhxr and helped the kanvhar, To regain their town of Amaravathi from him, When will I be able get down in the ghats of devotion, And take bath in the sea of divine happiness and bliss, And as a result my waves of wisdom clears my confused mind?.

Log in Request account. Kandar Alangaram, consisting of verses, is a marvelous creation alagaram poetry that portrays the magnificence of Muruga and presents Him in all His splendor and glory before us. Would come before me riding on a blue peacock, Accompanied with the pretty tribal girl, Valli, And the truth that he gives as advice to me as teacher, Would be clear to very learned yogis slowly and after thought, And others would do meaningless acts and embrace death.

He was a alsngaram of Lord Muruga and alamgaram the God at Vedapureeswarar temple at the sacred place known as Cheyyar on the banks of the Cheyyar River.

Oh mind which is attracted by the eyes of pretty ladies, Resembling the fish which jumps moving the tender plants in the pond, Which is attracted by the lips of ladies which resemble the red guava, Which is attracted alangwram untrue and deceitful words of womenAnd which is attracted by their smile and pretty pearl like teeth, Why are you not kandhae by the pretty feet of Lord Muruga, Who was attracted by Valli who was guarding the fields of corn, And who was a mind stealer and had very pretty speech.

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