This study attempts to give as complete as possible a description of two extinct Saivite sects-the Kapalikas and the Kalamukhas. Since the connotations of the. Kapalika and Kalamukha, members of either of two groups of Shaivite (devotees of Shiva) ascetics, most prominent in India from the 8th through the 13th century. Kapalikas, Kalamukhas. Identifier TheKapalikasAndKalamukhasTwoLostSaiviteSectsDLorenzenDelhi Identifier-ark ark://t23b9rp

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The Buddhist parallels indicate that they must have also had some connection with Buddhist tantrism, kslamukhas, in the absence of additional evidence, it is useless to speculate about what this may have been. Both are spies for Cijrasena, a Kalacuri- Kalanukhas king. That of the Kalamukhas appears to have been the best organised.

The last two sites, however, cannot with certainty be said to belong to this line. Another lecherous Kfipalika appears in the story of a young Brahman named Candrasvamin. In case of contact with Kapalikas, restraint of the breath prdndyama is also prescribed.

Kalamukha – Wikipedia

Reasons exist for both these places to be associated with the Kapalikas. Another version of the myth is found in Kathdsaritsdgara ii. Several other early mediaeval works by Jain authors contain stories about Kapalika ascetics or at least briefly mention them. Those authors whose aim is to horrify lay stress on the more sinister aspects of the cult. Nonetheless, for many years scholars such as R. Some of the donees in these epigraphs are identified as Kalamukhas and others as Pasupatas.


The Jain Ksapanaka, curious to hear about the Kapalika vow vrataasks Somasiddhanta to explain his conception of dharma and moksa.

Spellman of Windsor University and to Dr. Narayana lacerates his own side with the tip of his nail.

The Kapalikas And Kalamukhas Two Lost Saivite Sects D Lorenzen Delhi 1991

The original overthrower of Oaks’s sacrifice was Siva himself. When Somasiddhanta fell, his comrades Kapalika, Nllalohita, Mahabhairava, Bhuta- damara, and Umamahesvara all fled the field. Since hedonism lends itself easily to comic treatment, farces such as Mattavilasa and Kala,ukhas feature Kapalika sybarites.

I will have nothing to do with caste. In the Kurma Parana Siva says: Vimalacandra is the nineteenth of forty teachers named in the Mallisena epitaph. DurgaprasSd and -Sivadatta, p.

According to a legend which kapaalikas appears in the Aitareya Brdhmana, the Iksvaku king Hariscandra volunteered to sacrifice his first-born son to the god Varuna. A slightly different version of this verse is quoted in Pahcatantra i.


A great flood of blood streams out and spreads over fifty yojanas. Venugopalan of Deccan College; Professor J.

The translations which follow are all by Barnett. O Lord, homage to you!

Kapalika and Kalamukha

Sastri, A History of South India, p. Raising his weapon, he calls upon Camunda to accept his offering. Its present tutelary deity is Dattatreya but originally must kalamukhad been Bhairava. We offer oblations of human flesh mixed with brains, entrails and marrow.

Kapalika – Wikipedia

As the two men prepare to fight, soldiers are heard approa- ching the temple looking for her. The comments on both sects kapaikas Yamunacarya and his famous pupil Ramanuja make the best starting point.

And let him sleep upon grass:

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