The Karezza Method, by J. William Lloyd [], at This is because it’s not about technique or a goal driven encounter, instead it’s a The gentleman who introduced me to the Karezza method shared his insights. The Karezza Method, published in , is a beautiful, inspiring manual about the practice of Karezza (controlled intercourse) by J. William Lloyd. Thoughtfully.

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Common Karezza positions are very relaxed, such as lying side by side or on top of one another. So with all of the focus that most people put on orgasms, why are some drawn to karezza?

Karezza in Four Easy Steps (for men) | Reuniting

You will finally enter into such unity that in your fullest embrace you can hardly tell yourselves apart and can read each other’s thoughts. That’s part of the mystery. Many men really believe that it is harmless to masturbate as much as they want. Permit the woman to keep her clothes on. I suspect this is part of the retraining aspect. We definitely move, not like a pile driver, but movement is absolutely part of our Karezza practice.

Can Anal Play Spread Bacteria? You know his descriptions of how bitchy women are, and how that’s just normal techniue The older you are, the worse it gets.

How To Practice Karezza – (Part 2)

What are the benefits of Karezza? If you want detailed information about the neurological and physical health benefits of this practice I encourage you to check out the articles and resources at www. It may gently swell and then karwzza shrink in size depending on the energy that is present at the time. As a result, there is likely a difference in the amount of dopamine release, although I don’t know if it is more or less.


Then there was a complete revolution thanks to Kinsey and others.

Karezza Sex: Without An Orgasm, Couples Say Sex Strengthens Relationships

Did you read this guy’s experience? It should be something of her choice that would please her. We may go to stillness when were done and I stay in her, but my wife has no intest in a flacid penis. We connect AND pleasure each other via the genitals.

Finally your touch will grow near and you will come to the focus of all, “the love-flesh” – the Flower. Woman on top is perfectly fine, but her movements have to be extremely slow. At age 20 a man may very well be an endless fountain of semen, but by age 40 and beyond he would be wise to conserve as much energy as possible if he wants to continue having satisfying bonding sex with women!

Soon you will not even think of self-control, because you will have no desire for the orgasm, nor will she. You sacrifice a tremendous amount of energy each time you do it, only to get three seconds of pleasure. Thanks for sharing this Kevin. karzeza

It sounds wonderful, it does, but when it comes to those moments where you just want to tear into each other, backing off and saying whoa, hey, easy now, let’s do this the Karezza way seems absolutely bizarre. Lloyd also wrote that Karezza is capable of helping to treat various bodily ailments including:. One problem with academia is that the people who review the studies hold all the cards. No complaints from me. To me, it would seem that starting out slow and sensual with the Karezza approach and then tdchnique a bit but not hardcore faster until orgasm is reached would be a lot better than just not having orgasms at all, or very rarely.


In some cases, the penis will then slowly expand and grow inside of her. Is anal sex safe? The author of The Karezza Method was apparently the same J. I then realized that in all the years of pursuing orgasms for me and my woman, I had missed this incredible miracle of consciously linking with another human in love and technkque.

Its important to know when the use of a tool is done and its time to lay it down. He is on a business trip for three weeks and we are doing our version of bonding over the phone.

It’s kind of a moving target. Slow Sex — How Slow is Slow? Never shove your penis into her.

Thanks for the wonderful article KevinJ. Focus less on asking yourself what you did wrong and more on the relationship itself.

I think when my body gets to the point, one day, where it can’t techniique on any longer, the memories I will treasure are those long, still and expanded moments of floating silently with my woman, our bodies connected, looking into each others’ eyes Growth requires freedom to challenge and that is not adequately valued in the community which seems hijacked by egos, financials, risk mitigation, and so on.

Second, and I think this part is more psychological. If any part of her is weak or ill you can direct the magnetic currents there with the conscious thought of healing.

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