Kartal-Pendik Masterplan; ISTANBUL. ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS. URBAN VISION & MASTERPLAN. ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS Kartal-Pendik – ISTANBUL. My intentions were to recreate the Kartal Pendik Masterplan and understand the principles behind it. As this is an ongoing project I do not. Download/Embed scientific diagram | The parametric design of Kartal-Pendik master plan in Istanbul, Turkey. Source: from publication.

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Kartal Pendik Masterplan

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The soft grid also incorporates possibilities of growth, as in the case where a network of high-rise towers might emerge from an area that was previously allocated to low-rise fabric buildings or faded into open park space. Thank you so much for the sharing!

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Kartal — Pendik Masterplan lartal Arcspace It is then refined by deleting the connections which do not meet the criteria: The current values used in the sliders are indicative and aim to match visually the original design as close as possible to my experience. Looking forward to the Galapagos as well! This new city-within-a-city will comprise a central business district, high-end residential development, cultural facilities including concert halls, museums and theatres, alongside a new marina and resort hotels.

The deformed grid was developed by using the boundary curve of the area of interest ,which was broken into 4 parts- North, East, West and South.

Kartal Pendik Masterplan | Zaha Hadid Architects | Archello

The design ties together the existing infrastructure and urban fabric surrounding the site by masrerplan the major roads emerging from Kartal in the west and Karta, in the east.


I do think it will be awesome to have some Galapagos tutorial along with this example even it would come to another version of this urban design.

The parametricist taboo of unmediated juxtapositions implied that penndik took the adjacent context — in particular the incoming lines of circulation — as an important input for the generation of the urban geometry. Volumes by distance to mid curve Left Volumes by area m2 Right. These were used to achieve the most similar variation of the grid to the original design.

Skip to content I undertook this project to learn more about the use of parametric systems in urban design. Commercial Master plan Project.

Masterplan Kartal Masterplan Istanbul, Turkey Greater Istanbul Municipality and Kartal Urban Regeneration Association Planning The Kartal masterplan is a winning psndik proposal for a new civic, residential, commercial and transport hub approximately 25 km to the south east of the city. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hi, I wonder whether you familiar about evolutionary algorithm.

The fabric is further articulated by an urban script that generates different typologies of buildings that respond to the different demands of each district. Subscribe to Archello’s newsletter.

Grid Deformation Animation Deformed Grid Want to see more like this? The current values used in the sliders are indicative and aim to match visually the original design as close as possible to my experience Like Like. I try to follow each step but seems like i failed at some point.

The masterplan proposes the conversion of the obsolete quarry and industrial buildings existing on the site. Integrating these lateral connections with the main longitudinal axis creates a new soft grid that defines the underlying framework of the proposal. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It may have been said somewhere above in a true parametric design the manual work should be kept to minimum, because often behind such manually controlled sliders are parameters based on intensive research.


Through subtle transformations and gradations from one part of the site to the other, the scripted fabric can create a smooth transition from the surrounding context to the new, higher density development on the site.

I will try to upgrade the definition at some point in the next 2 months to include Galapagos solver. It is the redevelopment of an abandoned industrial site into a new sub-centre of Istanbul, complete with a central business district, high-end residential development, cultural facilities such as concert halls, museums, and theatres, and leisure programs including a marina and tourist hotels.

Some areas extend out into the water, creating a matrix of floating marinas, shops, and restaurants. Would that be possible if you could share this file as a pack so that we could go through them in grasshopper instead of adding each component? The site lies at the confluence of several important infrastructural links, including the major highway connecting Istanbul to Europe and Asia, the coastal highway, sea bus terminals, and heavy and light rail links to the greater metropolitan area.

These longitude curves serve as the base of the deformed grid. Email required Address never made public.

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