Kathleen Winsor’s Forever Amber, the naughtiest novel of , has just been reprinted. Lock up your servants. Forever Amber (Rediscovered Classics) [Kathleen Winsor, Barbara Taylor Bradford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abandoned. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A lusty historical novel.” — Seattle Post-Intelligencer ” A prototype for Forever Amber (Rediscovered Classics) – Kindle edition by Kathleen Winsor, Barbara Taylor Bradford. Download it once and read it on your .

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It is not true to life. Women who don’t read romances. He called it a ‘trashy romance novel. Nope, this is not my thing. One additional thing annoyed me almost beyond bearing. Same t h ing happens switching from pda to Word.

At first you start out loving Amber, and rooting for her. The prose isn’t particular, but the plotting and the historical detailing do make up for that.

In a stretch of thrilling narrative, Winsor describes how Amber, a red cross marked on her door and deserted by all her servants, stays by Carlton’s side and nurses him through the plague.

Amber accepts Bruce’s terms and they’re off to London as Charles II is crowned and his bawdy court and courtiers are in full swing. If you want a sappy s bodice ripper, don’t wihsor fooled by the quotes you see on a lot of these new covers. I winxor it in when we had to relocate my grandparents to our residence due to failing health.


Emeralds on the home front

Yes, all that is here. I think the people who don’t like to read this book see too much of themselves in Amber or they’re too focused on the sexuality of the book and can’t delve deeper into why she took such actions in the first place. My reading experience was shared by many girls, including Barbara Taylor Bradford, who recalls in her foreword to the new Penguin edition that as a teenager she “could not put it down.

Lots of thrusting, pointed and pert breasts, lots of hard, bronzed muscled skin, lots winsot eyes filled with passionate anger and angry passion. As a random side note, when I went to my parents’ house for a visit, my mother caught me with this book and instantly struck up a conversation about how she had read it at 16, and iwnsor found an old she had copy with my grandfather’s name written on the inside.

It was, nevertheless, an easy read, and if anyone has nothing better to read, or a week of time to waste, then read Forever Amber. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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Abandoned pregnant and penniless on the teeming streets of London, year-old Amber St. But what of her novel? Begining to feel anguish. Books by Kathleen Winsor. It felt more like an epic, with its length but fascinating read.


It is just like reading all the important parts of the book without all the useless detail. Not wanting to be with him. It was difficult to find an affinity with many of the characters.

This week, Penguin republishes Forever Amber, a big, fat tombstone of a bestseller that has been out of print for 30 years. It was a very interesting read! Carlton is an adventurer, disguised as a privateer for the Crown, Bruce refuses to crawl on his belly in Court to regain what was once his or clamor and scheme for power.

Observer review: Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor | Books | The Guardian

If anyone had a reason to just sit down and cry about how life was treating them, it would be Amber–but she’s much too strong a person to do that. I feel I am enjoying this ambfr far more at this time as I fully understand the history behind it.

I saw your photo and the other pages and am not impressed. He requires her cash; she requires the word ‘countess’ in front of her name. Save your money and borrow this from the library if you have to read it!

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