peting theories of vagueness. Nonetheless, when Tek is borderline tall, it does seem that the unclarity about whether he is tall is not merely epistemic (i.e. such. Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness by Rosanna Keefe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In this book Rosanna Keefe explores the questions of what we should want from theories of vagueness and how we should compare them. Her powerful and.

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When posed as a rhetorical question, the speaker gagueness hinting that there is no definite answer. Dialetheists characterize intolerance for contradiction as a shallow phenomenon, restricted to a twentieth Western academic milieu maybe even now being eclipsed by the rise of China.

Project MUSE – Theories of Vagueness (review)

Weintraub – – Synthese 2: They develop an analogy between the sorites paradox and indexical sophistries such as: Other unthinkable sorites arguments use predicates that can only be grasped by individuals in other possible worlds or by creatures with different types of minds than ours. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? It offers a concise description of the different types of vague expressions, a classification of vagueness theories according to their logic of vagueness and semantics of vagueness, and according to their position with respect to the sorites paradox.

PeirceIn the case of relative borderline cases, the question is clear but our means for answering it are incomplete. Some electrical circuits are isomorphic to tautologies but this does not make the circuits tautologies. Rosanna Keefe University of Sheffield.

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If vague terms were literally indexical, the sorites monger would have a strong reply. He would have been entitled to payment without having to identify which bet I lost. News of hidden generality has evidential impact.

The contrast is further complicated by the fact that most words are also general.

Many-valued logicians note that the error they are imputing to classical logic is often so small that classical logic can still be fruitfully applied. But they insist that the sorites paradox illustrates how tiny errors accumulate into a big error.

David Barnett – manuscript. The man at the threshold of your doorway is both inside your room and outside your room. Selected Philosophical Essays Ernest Sosa. Philosophers have long motivated appeals for an ideal language by pointing out how ambiguity creates the menace of equivocation:.

I shall concentrate on an historical characterization of borderline cases that most commentators would accept. Where there is no decision to be made, there is no scope for vice. Shapiro thinks speakers have discretion over borderline cases because they are judgment dependent.

They model vagueness as practical uncertainty as to whether to treat a borderline F as an F. Or is he merely pointing out that certain non-propositions have a structure isomorphic to logical theorems? The project is complicated by the fact that vague partial beliefs interact with precise beliefs MacFarlane Who can turn a can into a cane? However, mixed interpretations are permissible for ambiguous sentences.

From fheories perspective, Georg Hegel appears to commit a category mistake when he characterizes clouds as vague. Epistemicists explain the rise in assertibility by the increasing probability of truth. Generality is obviously useful.


Borderline cases are inquiry resistant. In this sense, classical logic is a limiting case of many-valued logic.

Vagueness (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

In Praise of VaguenessNew York: A simple explanation is that bare linguistic competence gives us knowledge that are no such thresholds. For Hegel, the basic kind of vagueness is conflict vagueness.

If I can describe your sweater as red, then I do not need to ascertain whether it is scarlet. The spiritual father of subvaluationism is Georg Hegel.

Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness

There is a little diffuse reference through devices such as musical quotation, leitmotifs, and homages. Every species waggles about in its definition, every tool is a little loose in its handle, every scale has its individual. Scott Soamesanswers that all vague words literally are indexical. This makes the notion of a borderline case crucial in accounts of vagueness.

They favor solving the sorites paradox by replacing standard logic with an earthier deviant logic.

Sorensen – – Analysis 45 3: This will clarify the nature of the philosophical challenge posed by vagueness.

In a more psychological vein, Diana Raffman says changes in context trigger gestalt shifts between look-alike categories.

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