Visit us on the web at for more information: • Price Quotations • Drivers· Technical Specifications. Manuals and Documentation . Model System DMM Instruction Manual Rev. D. Manual Type: Primary User; Part Number: D. Release Date: Sep 17 View and Download Keithley DMM instruction manual online. 5 function autoranging digital multimeter. DMM Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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HP Programming Example— Using leithley front panel controls, alter instrument states from Ae default configura- tion. The general format of the serial poU byte which is obtained by using the serial polling sequence, as described in paragraph 3. Set the calibrator to output and verify that the reading is within the limits listed in Table Translator The nature of the error can be determined with the U1 com- mand as explained m paragraph 3.

With S2 or S3 asserted, the fastest valid storage interval I is 31msec and 35msec respectively.

Press the dB button. Each of the ob- tained values for Y assumes the following constants: The interface system contains two distinc- tive parts: Unofficial schematics by xDevs.

Full text of “Keithley: KEI Instruction”

A filter value can be set for any or all measurement func- tions and is remembered by each function. The more the readings, the closer the display will be to the step change. A Manuwl to switch considerations eBook: Any of the options of the following device-dependent com- mands keihhley be saved as the default conditions: Enter the number 31 by pressing the ” 3 ” and ” 1 ” but- tons.


Place the instrument in the appropriate trigger mode: A good diode wUl overrange the display. In the TO and H modes, triggering is performed by addressing the Model to talk.

In a con- tinuous trigger mode, readings will be updated at the con- version rate. Select the DCV function and autorange.

Each command is made up of a single ASCII letter followed by a number representing an option of that command.

When the filter is enabled, readings will be filtered before being displayed.

Keithley 196 DMM Manuals

Any help on what type of coding to use would be greatly appreciated. The U3 command allows the user to find out the current defined size of the buffer. Factory Default Conditions At the factory, the Model is set up so that the instru- ment is configured to certain setup conditions on the initial power up. Full text of ” Keithley: To get the instrument up and rurming quickly use the following procedure.


Typical open circuit voltage is 5V. Select a range consistent with the expected resistance or use autorange.

The following prompt wiU be displayed: The display will read OdB. It is useful for triggering other instrumentation. For high impedance sources, manuall generated noise can become significant when using the most sensitive range 3WmV, 6V2d of the Model However, the instrument will continue to store readings as fast as it can run.

Do not zero this level out. Also, the highest, lowest and keithleh reading in a full buffer can be recalled by send- ing the appropriate U commands.

Keithley 196 DMM Instruction Manual

DC Voltage Measurements 2. Entering an invalid value will result with the instrument using the power up default limit.

The Q command is in the following form: Analog, digital, power supply, and IEEE interface operation is included. A shorter inter- val will result in a short time error when the storage pro- cess is started.

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