Kenneth Goldsmith Fidget (, Coach House Books) (MP3) Recorded at the WFMU studios, Jersey City, New Jersey, September March Fidget has 86 ratings and 13 reviews. mwpm said: every move Kenneth Goldsmith’s body made on June 16, * * *Eyelids open. Tongue runs acros. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. , Fidget ruthlessly documents every movement made by Goldsmith’s body on Bloomsday (June 16) from

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Fidbet space between upper and lower palate. I kind of liked it, and yet I don’t know anyone who I would recommend it to. Heels of hands push into jaw. Eyes move to left. Legs stretch on legs ninety degrees.

Jul 27, Eryk marked it as to-read. Right heel brushes hairs of left leg. Stomach fills with air. Goldsmith’s practice embraces the performance of the writer as process and plagiarism — as content. Pulls away from left. Whereas the latter contains every word Kenneth spoke for a week, this one is every motion he made for a day — it turned out to be a far more excrutiating project than K expected. Residual blink in left eye. Probes lower surface of molars.


Forefinger of left hand in gully of forefinger and middle finger of right. Left hand fidyet right. Heel of hand applies pressure. Sucks to back of mouth. Hand rests on blade.

Kenneth Goldsmith – Monoskop

Reproduced in a single consistent font, the published text is an page folio-sized tome, again demonstrating the physicality of language and the actual weight of linguistic material that most view as disposable.

Cupped hands to face. A logical successor to Fidgetwhere the individual’s physicality becomes verbalized, Soliloquy captures all nuances idiosyncratic speech. Bravin Post Lee, ; No. Left foot hits ground. Applies pressure to upper surface of goldskith.

Kenneth Goldsmith

Fingers grasp as body swings left. Left hand moves away. Watery saliva dissolves mucus. Dec 02, Ryan Rebel rated it it was ok Shelves: Tongue slides up back tooth, probing place where tooth and gum meet. Left hand touches thumb. Right leg crosses left. La lengua cruza el labio superior al desplazarse de izquierda a derecha de la boca siguiendo el arco del labio. Moves from wrist in full-spiral counterclockwise rotation. Tongue slides across upper rim of teeth, probing fidgte. Ball of right foot hits.


Coffee flows between teeth and gum inside cheek. My Career in Poetry or: But it does help you realize the wonder of every little action your body performs, This book is very, very odd.

Left leg propels body. Strong pressure applied by fingertip. Coffee cup to lips. Right hand corkscrews, led by tip of right middle finger.

Jul 23, mwpm rated it liked it Shelves: Teeth grind back and forth. Kenneth Goldsmith born is an American poet godsmith critic. Left hand reaches and grasps circular formation. Amy rated it liked it Sep 01, El every move Kenneth Goldsmith’s body made on June 16, The follow-up to the critically acclaimed No. Arms parallel arms of chair. Ball of foot touches ground. For example, in No. Finger glides over coccyx and out of buttocks.

Left leg scrapes ankle. Thumb, forefinger and middle finger join. Right thumb covers nostril.

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