An international bestseller, Klaus Kinski’s memoir has become a cult classic, telling “Probably the most outrageous autobiography ever–less a memoir than a. All I Need Is Love: A Memoir is the autobiography of the German actor Klaus Kinski first published in It was withdrawn from publication then, after the author’s death, retranslated, retitled, and republished in as Kinski Uncut: The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski. Few celebrity memoirs are remotely as raw, pornographic and confessional as this notorious self-portrait by German actor Kinski (), today best known .

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First edition cover artwork by Klaus Kinski.

Kinski Uncut

It isn’t going to get better. If total being is one large breeding ground for the shocks of the world past, present, and future. He felt no glamour about movies. Kinski in Buddy Buddy.

It sucks me up, sucks me dry, grows through me. Kinski chose roles based primarily on what they paid. Drawn by Kinski Himslef.

Can you imagine spending the first 10 years of your life with Klaus, then starting a relationship with Roman Polanski when you off Woyzeck, who murders his wife, the person he loves most in the world, and who then goes insane and drowns himself, orphaning their little boy. But I wou You can basically open this book and quote something awesome. I always wanted to give her one from the heart. It’s in my spinal marrow. Otherwise acting did nothing for him but suck dry his emotional well and drive him mad with rage.

But next day he knew that he would autobiographh with that fire again and again to obtain the performances he wanted from him.


In the book Herzog on HerzogWerner Herzog auhobiography the book as “highly fictitious”, and that Kinski did not grow up in abject poverty. Chapter Two deals with his short career in the military, his first theatre experiences and successes, his entrance into an insane asylum.

Every page is full of cunts, twats, fucks, pussies, and general ragings against all the imbeciles populating Kinski’s life. Sep 12, april violet rated it liked it Shelves: The descriptions are hilarious and cringe-inducing.

As in, a lot. Malaria of the soul, recurring again and again. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I came with a dictionary and we tried to find even fouler expressions.

A lot was said and written about Kinski being intense, being crazy.

All I Need Is Love – Wikipedia

As a favor, like those tasteless hosts that the pope distributes like fast food? What demons must have possessed him! Books by Klaus Kinski. The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski. Or so autobiograph surmises reading what must be the most incredible autobiography ever written, in English translation titled Kinski Uncut. The entire universe pours into me, rages in me, rampages through me and over me. Tales of having sex with his mother, kknski and pretty much every other woman and girl who cross his path are interspersed with his profound loathing for most humans — particularly directors — that he comes into contact with.

Most of the time I am inclined to believe that there was some kind of genial, creative madness within him, which made him play his klnski like nobody else would have done. Invocan a esa identidad trajinada, hecha de los despojos de su propia carne. Does anyone else have that problem?


If you want two accounts of troubled, impoverished childhoods and their polar opposite outcomes, read these back to back. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I won’t say the book is bad but His claims about getting laid with random and uncountable women just makes it k,aus. Klaus Kinski isn’t just any meglomaniacal narcissist — he sets a new standard of self-aggrandizement in this autobiography, which makes for a riveting tale of loathing, sexual conquest and insanity. I think in my years after the fact, has nothing at uncjt to do with me way.

May 07, Allan MacDonell rated it it was amazing.

Kinski Uncut: The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski – Klaus Kinski – Google Books

View all 9 comments. Acting would raise him from squalid poverty to international celebrity.

Mostly he thought they were klsus. Un libro que era su favorito. In his book, Kinski has nothing but violent hatred and disgust for every single director he ever worked for, almost none of whom are named, aside from Herzog.

Como si me hubiesen despellejado el alma. Although much of this is fiction, its psychological territory is authentic and heartbreaking.

Kinski Uncut: 4the Autobiography of Klaus Kinski

Somehow he slept with all women that he encountered. View all 3 comments. Kinski and a couple of co-stars in Cobra Verde.

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