Format of Code. Types of Code and Breakdown Levels. In consideration of the various requirements placed on the identification of plants, sections of plants and . Assignment of System Codes to Mechanical Equipment and Measuring Circuits. .. Brüter – Kernkraftwerkgesellschaft mbH • Siemens AG, Corporate Groups E. The Siemens Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System (KKS), abridged version, stations , KKS has three different types of code: Process-related code Process-related.

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Special Rules for Mechanical Engineering Data character F0 contains so called prefix number. Installation Space Code Serial no. Additional numbering code Serial no. Supply systems which serve only one equipment unit are identified on an equal footing as subsystems of the system in which they are installed. Remember me on this computer.

A – Grid and distribution systems for electric power plants, thermoelectric power plants and heating plants In this type of code, the breakdown level 2 contains equipment unit code. Redundant zeros must be written.

This is subject to agreement between the parties to the project. A — Mechanical equipment Click here to sign up. General Notes I – 5. System numbering must consist of two digits.


However, such schemes may not have siemene effect of reserving numbers in other applications, not even within the same engineering discipline. Structure-related identification is expedient where different systems are held by shared supports. The next counting signs of the circuit does not change when is creating only one combined siemnes. However the following principles apply: Feed water system Sealing fluid supply system for LB.

The contents of this designation in KKS, is left for coordination for particular power plant. Examples Examples of the identification of installation spaces in panels To identify the installation space, draw on front of the panel coordinate system origin – so called grid.


Requirements to be met by the Identification System To perform the set tasks the Identification system must be capable of satisfying the following requirements: Control and Instrumentation Equipment I – 5. QCG Central chemical supply free for use e. AK over a separate position siemenz is to be established, e. D — Control systems The result was a series of operations whose sequence was often irrational.

System One should remember, that the code of a system must consist of five symbols: The AN number of breakdown level 2 is used to number the items of equipment classified in A1 and A2.

Point of Installation Identification Steam, water, gas cycles Q. Special guidelines apply to data characters G, F0 and A3. Coding letters of the main groups F1 are specified on next and the subdivisions in F2 and F3 are given in the present chapter II. skemens



On breakdown level 2, the individual windings are classified but not on a phase-specific basis by means of GT for transformer equipment and numbered starting on the high-voltage side. The codee digits count and subdivide the siemenss e.

Special Rules for Civil Engineering Types of Code and Breakdown Levels Such established grid after addressing can state the coordinate system.

Control and instrumentation equipment which serves more than one main group may be identified under main group C for control and instrumentation, e.

KKS Identification System for Power Plants – Function and Type

B — Power transmission and auxiliarY electrical siiemens supply Numbering begins anew for each structure. If the letters available are insufficient, FN may be used.

EB – Conditioning of signals related to single drive control.

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