Nicholas Kollerstrom is a Holocaust revisionist or denier and the author of Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust: Myth and Reality. This page contains links to a. have to remember that this was during the cold war; tensions were running high, and we North A Walk to Remember Dear John Nicholas Sparks. Buy Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom, PH D James H Fetzer from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones.

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Auschwitz was a bit like the setting for a horror story, not yet scripted. Visitors to Auschwitz are not taken to see the historic gas chambers but instead are trotted round a post-war-reconstructed built-by-Stalin model, spepl several huge holes in its roof etc. Jan 31, Steven Atkinson rated it it was amazing. The fastest way to get expelled from a British university is by saying you are looking at chemical evidence for how Zyklon was used in World War II, with a discussion of how delousing technology functioned in the German World War II labour camps.

Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom Download ( Pages | Free )

The students were literally beside themselves and were neither prepared for nor capable of soberly discussing the presented theses. If it happened on a cold winter’s day, then the evaporation could take one hour and the diffusion two to three hours. Read Rudolf Hoess and the reports of the German perpetrators, well documented. Maybe you ought to resist the temptation to comment – that figure is a holy and sacred icon for our civilization, and once you “deny” it, your opportunity for debate can be quite suddenly over – you have sud- denly become the wicked Holocaust Denier, and how could you be so cal- lous?


The British media had carte blanche for their character-assassination. If you are a nazi and hate jews, stick a rusty nail in your brain. Kollerstrom studied Natural Sciences at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge fromspecializing in the history and philosophy of science. Firstly Hoss confessed that peo- ple went into the shower units bfeaking a shower, and then cyanide gas came out of the shower heads, and they were all dead in twenty minutes!

In his new book Breaking the Spell, Dr.

Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality

I would meet him in gyms and squash courts oddly enough, or while strolling across Hamp- stead Heath. Statute law Austria Belgium France Germany. You can debate more or less Poem by Dylan Thomas. I had disturbed the moral pole of his universe.

It may be wiser to reply: I guess that’s enough, you get the message. Nick was sacked from his job as a science historian for researching the use of Zyklon B, an insecticide used in de lousing chambers in the German concentration camps. Retrieved from ” https: Full-on propaganda began later, maybe th late s. Kollerstrom has suffered for his love of truth but he should be commended for his losses were not in s;ell.

Nick Kollerstrom: Breaking the Spell of the Holocaust

The suicidal nightmare must end. That was not notably the case for labour camp inmates. May 17, Kevin Boyle rated it it was amazing. Occidental Observer online, F. The concept is absurd, whichever way one looks at it. In due time, we may hope to find out.


Why, it was worse than listening to the Mad Hatter. We here look at the primal myth that keeps this nightmare, death-in-life Eternal- War kkollerstrom going. These rather small delousing chambers manu- But they do in France: The revealed information does not expose a program of mass murder and racial genocide.


Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom Review and Commentary – Malcolm Nicholson

Hate-crime laws should not exist, for crime should be in essence a deed, a deed which causes unacceptable harm to another. A swarm of bloggers denounced me for an indescrib- especial value, because that identity cannot easily be imposed upon them. Archived from the original on 17 November A nightmare delirium has come into our world – to poison the language of discourse, to legitimate war and sprll guish hope, and it came in through a torture victim.

Such accusations were made in detail at Nu- remberg, 75 but started to fade away once forensic testing showed such prod- ucts to be brfaking animal sources. Europe has no worthwhile future unless it is prepared to have that debate.

It’s the Zionic mental enslavement that people have grown to be- lieve that they need. Hoss’s story has two thousand or somewhat less persons enter a large room, thirty metres or so in length. But if Native American peoples try to commemorate their “Holocausts,” which involved the extermination of vastly greater numbers than ever Jews died in World War II, they are told, “Just get over it. I merely ask them to do their little bit to bring the whole house of cards tumbling down.

Many tons of Zyklon were con- sumed at Auschwitz-Birkenau from the summer of on, as Kollerstrom reports, which is easy to confirm because it soaked into the walls of the koplerstrom chambers and is still there.

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