Note: This directory must exist, KompoZer will not create it. To include images and other files in the upload, select the box next to “Include. KompoZer is a free WYSIWYG editor to help you build web pages. It includes web file management capabilities found in many paid programs. When you publish your pages to a web server, KompoZer copies (uploads) your pages to a computer that lets others browse your pages. Most ISPs provide.

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Do you find this article useful? These settings apply to the current document and any other files you publish to this location.

When your files are online, you can access them from anywhere. Your website’s URL http: Click to Chat Now. Are there spelling or grammatical errors? To run KompoZer, all you have to do is to double-click this shortcut. This section describes KompoZer’s publishing settings. Be sure to upload it to the correct folder on your web host; as mentioned before, put it in the same folder as the web page linking to it.

This means that you are to click on the “File” menu, followed by the “Save” item on the menu that appears. If your web host tells you to simply upload it to the directory you are logged into when you connect by FTP, then just enter “ftp: Click To Chat Now.


The server is not available. The list of files in the box will now show files of any sort that are present in that folder.

Double-click the zip file you downloaded. Again, I can’t tell you where that is; only you will know where you’ve placed it.

KompoZer|Creating Web Pages with KompoZer

This URL must always begin with http: My cron email is not being received. Generally, it’s a good idea to just use lowercase letters, numbers, and the hyphen – character. Get web hosting from a company that uploar here to help.

So even though the page is probably an embarrassment to you at this stage, please complete the following steps, or you will encounter problems later. I shall assume that you are using the “Normal” mode in this tutorial unless otherwise specified. Then using the same window, navigate to the folder where you keep the web page that will link to the PDF file. uplowd

Publishing your website using KompoZer

A new dialog box will appear, prompting you for a filename. Using IE10 Compatibility View. You should now be able to open the folder. Get more free tips and articles like thiskompizer web design, promotion, revenue and scripting, from https: Select “All Files” from that box. Most ISPs provide space on their web servers for web page publishing.


Kompozrr the bottom of that dialog box, click the down arrow for the “Files of type” field to reveal a drop down box. How do I use the Index Manager? KompoZer will proceed to connect to your FTP account on your web host and upload your pages.

How to Design and Publish Your Website with KompoZer ()

You will need a web host to publish your pages to. Create a new folder on your desktop. How to Set Up a Gravatar. Get help with your questions from our community of like-minded hosting users and InMotion Hosting Staff. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time; and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death.

At worse, ask your web host’s support department or check their documentation for help.

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