The Konbaung Dynasty, , sometimes called the Alaungpaya Dynasty or the House of Alompra by the British colonial rulers) was the. The Konbaung Dynasty was the last dynasty that ruled Burma (Myanmar), from to The dynasty created the second largest empire in Burmese history, . Alaungpaya (reigned –) unified Myanmar and founded the Konbaung Dynasty, sometimes referred to as the Third Burmese dynasty, which held power .

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Royal flag Coat of arms. His son Paganwho became king inexecuted thousands — some sources say as many as 6, — of his wealthier and more influential subjects on trumped-up charges.

At present so far from being in a state of intellectual darkness, although they have not explored the depths of science, or reached to excellence in the finer arts, they yet have an undeniable claim to the character of a civilized, and well instructed, people. His greatest achievement was in settling the dispute between Manipur and Burma over ownership of the Kabaw Valley in Ava’s favor; the Manipuris had occupied the region since the war ended with the tacit approval of the Government of Indiauntil Burney concluded from historical records that the Burmese claim was justified.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further dividing the country, provinces were ruled by governors who were all appointed by the Hluttaw, and villages were ruled by hereditary headmen who were approved by the king. Vacant Monarchy abolished British rule. Konbaung kings extended administrative reforms begun in the Restored Toungoo dynasty period —and achieved unprecedented levels of internal control and external expansion. At Ava, Hsinbyushin was furious that his generals had acted without his knowledge, and tore up his copy of the treaty.


During the remaining years of his reign.

Sino-Burmese War (–69) – Wikipedia

But there was no real choice but to press on. Surakiat, Pamaree March This left the Chinese flotilla exposed. Throughout the Konbaung dynasty, the capital was relocated several times for religious, political and strategic reasons.

Please try again later. Thank You for Your Contribution! Crisis of Kingship in Burma, —”. Mindon promoted numerous reforms. Mindon’s reign compares favourably with that of Mongkut of Konbaunb Thailandwho enjoyed the privileged position of occupying buffer state between British and French possessions.

Timeline List of capitals Leaders Royal chronicles Konbaungg history.

Myanmar – Kone Baung Dynasty ()

It has long been said that the temple reached about a third of its planned height when Bodawpaya died in and the king’s children abandoned construction of the pagoda because it drained to much money from the kingdom’s treasury. Ina Burmese army, which was on its way to Siam, was increasing its grip of the borderlands, and the sawbwas complained to China.

Knowledge increases by commerce; and as they are not shackled by any prejudices of casts, restricted to hereditary occupations, or forbidden from participating with strangers in every social bond, their advancement will, in all probability be rapid. For the Burmese, the overall objective was to stop the enemy at the border, and prevent another Chinese penetration into their heartland.

Only a small group managed to break through and escaped the carnage.


Dynasty of Burma 29 February — 29 November Retrieved from ” https: It also posed problems of succession at the same time often resulting in royal massacres. Each gate was surmounted by a square wooden pavilion, a pyatthat, and marked with a sign of the zodiac.


To appease his anger, the generals of Burmese army invaded the Indian kingdom of Manipur, an action which was regarded as a threat by the British.

He raised the standard of rebellion inrepudiating the Treaty of Yandabo and almost starting another war with the British. An invasion force consisting of Mongol and elite Manchu troops rushed down from northern China and Manchuria. Each royal agency included a large retinue of middle and low level officials responsible for day-to-day affairs.

Sino-Burmese War (1765–69)

The Konabung interpreted this as a warlike act and refrained from starting hostilities only because of their entanglements in Afghanistan.

From a family of humble rural gentry, he rose to the hereditary chieftainship of his native village. The greatest threat, however, was the powerful Western nations. The opening of a second front obliged him to call off the campaign and make a difficult retreat over the Arakan Yoma to Ava.

He avoided an invasion route through the jungles of the Shan Hills so as to minimize the Burmese guerrilla attacks on his supply lines. The most significant court functions of a king’s reign were the abhiseka or consecratory rituals, held at various times throughout a king’s reign, to reinforce his place as the patron of religion Sasana and righteousness. Konbaung Dynasty —, 3 rd Empire.

The dynasty created the second largest empire in Burmese history, and continued the administrative reforms begun by the Toungoo dynasty, laying the foundations of modern state of Burma.

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