@property (nonatomic, kopiera, skrivskyddad) NSString * titel, * artist, * genre, * coverUrl, * år; – (Id) initWithTitle: (NSString *) titel artist: (NSString *) artist. NFC Tools is an app which allows you to read, write and program tasks on your NFC tags and other RFID compatible chips. All you need to do is get your device . Re-use/recycle write protected NFC Tags such as hotel key-cards, access badges, price tags, lift cards, key fobs etc You can use this app to associate multiple.

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If you want to stick to the MVC concept hint: The compiler will ignore this line but if you drop down the list of methods in your current file via Xcode’s jump bar, you’ll see a separator and a bold title for the directive. This helps you organize your code for easy navigation in Xcode. Relaunch, and check that the previously selected album is centered: This might not seem necessary now but what if you later add the option to change album data? You’ll also want to save the album data every time the app goes into the background.

This is necessary in order to prevent a retain cycle. If the delegate doesn’t implement this method, 0 is used as the default value. Use LibraryAPI to skrvskyddad the album from the data structure and reload the scroller.

CGRectMake 0, 0, frame. Add the following method to LibraryAPI. One option is to iterate through Album ‘s properties, save them to a plist file and then recreate the Album instances when they’re needed.


iOS designmönster

If you look at PersistencyManager ‘s inityou’ll notice the album data is hardcoded and kipiera every time PersistencyManager is created. You execute reload when your data has changed. Now, add the following code: Retrieve the image from the PersistencyManager if it’s been downloaded previously. The above lopiera takes into account the current offset of the scroll view and the dimensions and the padding of the views in order to calculate the distance of the current view from the center.

The above code creates a toolbar with two buttons and a flexible space between them.

NFC A – its serial number ex: If it is, that means there are no more actions to undo. Since Skrivskydrad uses a UIScrollView to scroll the album covers, it needs to know of user events such as when a user stops scrolling.

The reload method is modelled after reloadData in UITableView ; it reloads all the data used to construct the horizontal scroller.

The notification sender doesn’t care if the image came from the web or from the file system. This way you can record large quantities of information on your tag. You’ll add three method to ViewController.

Build your project to make sure everything compiles properly.

The usual implementation requires that an observer registers interest in the state of another object. Create your tasks, simplify your life. It decouples the sending object from the receiving object or objects and can persist a request or a chain of requests. You define the required and optional methods that the delegate will implement between the protocol and end lines.


Du har lagt till Album klassen men du har inte underklassas det. Apple has implemented this pattern using the Target-Action mechanism and Invocation.

If you do not properly unsubscribe from a notification your class registered for, a notification might be sent to a deallocated instance. You’ll use Notifications to do this. You can even disconnect from the Internet and your app will work flawlessly. Stop your app and run it again. But the NFC Tools app goes further and allows you to program tasks on your NFC tags in order to automate actions that were once boringly repetitive.

You must implement this method in every class acting as an observer. Relaunch, and check that the previously selected album is centered:. To fix that, add the following code to ViewController.

Copy-on-write – Wikipedia

But the protocol definition is below the class srkivskyddad and so is not visible at this point. Run your app again. This line sends a notification through the NSNotificationCenter singleton. Before you break out of the for loop, center the tapped view in the scroll view.

Since there’s an action in the undo stack, you need to enable the undo button. So set the final frame via the following block of code once the skriskyddad frame is finalized by adding the code to ViewController.

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