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I want to talk with him as I am interested in cultivation and doing now in traditional methods. But it is high time, the Indian government facilitates the procedure and supports farmers like Dagar.

Which Indian farmer has so much money? Determinants of maize seed income and adoption of foundation seed production: I am thinking a lot, if require will visit your place and share your knowledge.

If I am successful in my venture, I will recommend it to others. Today he is busy spreading the message of integrated organic farming in his home state.

201 can I start organic farming. The Haryana Kisan Welfare Club gives hands-on training on organic farming. Rajeshwari one year ago Reply.

Of Haryana please share the details. Another agrocycle at the farm is dairy, biogas and composting.

I want to contact information for this farming. I have kkrishi in sea shore side near shriharikota andra pradesh for the past 40 years we are cultivating casurina for the past 3 years casurina price down i want to change cultivation please guide me organic cultivation or what else.


Small farms can be profitable

Punit Sharma 2 years ago Reply. The potato produced in these VDCs has good market reputation and is the major source of income. You are such a role model for small land farmers. There is a small start up company in Bangalore cropinc. I am also a part time farmer,a civil engineer near Newai, near Jaipur.

Productivity, profitability and resource use efficiency of potato Solanum tuberosum based diayr systems in eastern Himalayan region. I’m interested please help me. Rupees 10 lakh every year, from one-hectare ha land — an unbelievable proposition for all those bought up on the much-propaga ted idea that small 207 are unprofitable.

I also want your help and want to visit your farm. It is a great achievement by Dagar saheb. We have a well with 5 hp electric motor for water supply, there is shortage of water in summer. Niya Dodum 2 years ago Reply. Is there any govt. Setting up the plant cost him about Rs 1 lakh.

Profitability and productivity of potato (Solanum tuberosum) in Baglung district, Nepal

Shane Ali Choudhary 8 months ago Reply. I have fruit orchard and looking forward for organic farming. I have good Land and water facilities near roorkee. Many of us live ‘practically’ and few like you live ‘ideally and practically’. These days farmers are very upset because kfishi low income and high expenditure.

I am from kerelainterrested in fishery n organic vegetable farming can u guide me. He provides 2 kg of earthworms free of cost to farmers, who pledge to diiary in for organic farming He also uses the pawal to grow mushroom, which fetch him close to Rs 3 lakh per kgishi.


I would be obliged and greatful. Almost all seasonal vegetables, fruits, paddy, wheat, mushroom and flowers are grown organically in Dagar’s farm. And all these elements in his farm are interlinked through various agrocycles and together generate an annual income of Rs lakh see table: Dharmendra 10 months ago Reply.

At his farm, solar power is used to run the pump that draws groundwater for irrigation. Please guide me, i am from Odisha. The company should start work within a month. I am from Odisha. Tell me something about. References Publications referenced by this paper. Since the plant has medicinal value, it has a huge international market,” he says. Gurinder Singh 2 years ago Reply. Finally it approached a Gurgaon-based private company for certification.

I am interested in starting organic farming with a low budget can you guide me on this. At the age of climate change and global warming, farmers of our country can take his path.

Dagar aims to increase this to 1, tonnes by the end of this year.

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