#18 – Flexible Dieting, Nutrition Barriers, and Loving Your Own Skin w/ Krissy Mae Cagney. Get my top 5 must reads for unlocking new. Wanted to share how Krissy and I set up my macros for this Off season. This will be my first run at Flexible dieting. I am at the start of. I used a calculator found in a book that I read on flexible dieting (Flexible Dieting: A Guide to Macros & Eating for Life by Krissy Mae Cagney, and she just released a new book: Flexible Dieting which is even better) but.

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We shouldn’t see food as “good” and “bad” we should see carbohydrates, fat and protein. Well believing something is not a prerequisite for something being factual lol. Based on this calculator, here are my macros: Anyhow… I really want to reduce body fat percentage.

She’s also very involved in the CrossFit community so we cross paths often now. You’re a big inspiration to me, thanks for all that you do.

Krissy Mae Cagney | Books

I thought she was shunned out of the industry. Now, many of you probably use FitBits — which I find a little odd, frankly. Then 3d was Tabata situps. If you ride 10 miles at 10mph pace you’ll burn a given amount of calories.


Go get the book… HERE is the link again. Heidi Moore rated it it was amazing Oct 12, I know that when I eat nutrient dense food like meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and nuts I feel krissyy hell of a lot better.

That is my goal weight times my goal fat percentage. Krissy now owns the gym where my sister used to train. But I will also continue to eat my ice cream most nights or splurge on some kriss and guacamole when I feel like it. Which meant of course I got, like 4 of them.

My goals are to stay above lbs and drop some fat. I start with protein and then adjust the others.


I ,rissy that often it is wise to know what is the nutrient content of real, natural foods to avoid synthetic supplements because we don’t need them. Wanted to share how Krissy and I set up my macros for this Off season. Books by Krissy Mae Cagney. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Do I like dairy? Now seems to be focused and I am proud to call her a good friend. My younger sister is the one who first suggested I read more about it. Ill try to keep this updated once a week as well.


What you need to know: Lists with This Book. Do I occasionally eat these things? This has all been based off of a loose macro guideline and what I’ve learned about nutrition through personal experience and experiments.


Years ago I was an advocate for a strict paleo diet and I no longer believe that is a way to live. Each of these calculators used different formulas for different reasons, so you can imagine how confused I was when I first started.

I’m still on the fence about gluten, but that’s strictly a personal preference. Well actually she flexiblr them long before we even knew Krissy, but ironically we’ve both crossed paths with her separately. As for the program, I can barely walk today.

Did you complete the entire 12 weeks? My Active Roots Whole food recipes, health ddieting fitness tips, and workouts you can do anywhere.

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