KRPANO: Tutorials: Strana 3D Virtual tour (spherical panoramas °) around the world. If you have never used KRPano you can download the trial version from Then follow the KRPano tutorial to quick learn and practice how to. Krpano Panorama Viewer is a commercial panorama engine, you should buy license for using it. This license is required.

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Each of these styles of projection can be manually configured and a transition effect implemented e. If you try to build your tour, your square is still red, nothing changed. Your information is safe and will never be shared! There are five types of image and polygonal hotspots: KrPano’s features and tools. The area can set visible or transparent. Types of panoramas Hotspots What is a hotspot?

Click on the panorama again to set other points of the polygonal area. Retrieved from ” http: You should notice that your plugin doesn’t offer you the possibility to customize anything for the moment. Items of the list may be used for different actions, but in most cases they are used for list with the links to the panoramas.

How to delete logos? Hotspot type defines the actions to be done when a user clicks on the hotspot area. We have to impact the myFirstPlugin.

Advanced Tutorial: How to make a virtual tour with MakeVT

Krpanp a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Image Clicking on the hotspot opens pop-up window with the image. To make KRPano start processing your panoramasimply drag your image s onto the desired droplet option:. The normal rectilinear projection, fisheye, stereographic fisheye, Panini and architectural projection.

This license is required not only for viewing tours, but also for cutting panos before viewing into tiles – small pieces, which are loaded one by one. See more options plugin. Some symbols should be used in html code form instead.


KRPano Tutorial: How to Create a Panorama or Virtual Tour with krpano | VeeR VR Blog

My first plugin KrPano script. To do this I use Django to print these values in myFirstPlugin.

You no longer require your original files so if you want you can move them to somewhere else or delete them. It tuutorial possible for KRPano to encrypt your content so that if someone attempts to pirate your work it will just be a jumbled mess and unusable. If everything goes well, you should see our three parameters component in Panotour when you add your plugin: It is worth to change width and height parameters in code so the tour will fit by size in your Tumblr blog template.

But there is also krpano watermark in the center of the screen – “krpano demo version”. Shared tours Shared tours work with embedded license without tutorrial demo watermarks, but they have refers on Makevt and krpano at the bottom of the screen if there is no license.

Once the tour is loaded you will be presented with the first image of your tour Rotate The image until you can see where you want your first Hotspot. We respect your privacy.

To begin to create your panorama or to create a tour is simply a case of dragging the image or image sets onto the droplet you wish and letting go of the mouse button. What you need to get started. See more combobox pluginloadscenelookat. To achieve this, we need to create the files needed for a basic plugin: Adding plugins in your tour Combobox Options Types of panoramas In current version of MakeVT supported spherical and cylindrical panoramas. They have been experimenting within this arena since discovering VR as empathy machines whilst studying psychology at university.


Transition Click on the hotspot loads another panorama. This method results in a panoramic image in cubic form which is presented to the user all at the same time and shall include a skin with default navigation buttons. Now you can move on to the documentation of various tags to create more in depth plugins, see these pages:. Polygonal hotpost – is a polygonal area on a panorama which is a hotspot. KRPano holds a default set of navigation images which you may customize or create your own versions of.

The technical name for popcorn planet is stereographic fisheye projection.

KRPano Tutorial: How to Create a Panorama or Virtual Tour with krpano

You will switch in the “Adding mode”, in which you can create polygonal and point hotspots; Click on the panorama on the point krpxno want to place the image hotspot.

If you go into this folder and open up the images one by one in your chosen editing program you can edit or replace the images.

Any questions, just drop a comment below. In MakeVT hotspots can be used to: Clicking on the hotspot opens pop-up window with the text. Its VR capabilities are also impressive, with presets for viewing your work in various head-mounted displays and the krpsno to create your own presets.

– Documentation – Quick Start Tutorial

There are two kinds of hotspots: Adding map This example adds map with active points, which show panoramas locations. You can format the text by using HTML.

To identify x and y you may use any graphical editor, which can show coordinates of mouse cursor.

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