Samaysaar – is one of the few works, of this greatest of ascetics, that have survived the passage of time. Samaysaar’s main purpose is to. Granth samaysaar- the most famous scripture of Jain mythology, was written by Acharaya Kundkund, about years ago. Acharya Kundkund is taken in high. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Acharya, ioned.

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Acharya Kundkund’s Samayasara, With Hindi and English Translation | Vijay K. Jain –

This is also mentioned in the Gita as shown below: Experiencing the innate supreme bliss kundmund the Self, and abjuring all viewpoints, he does not absorb even an iota of any viewpoint Self-realization is free from all expressions of viewpoints. As such, the soul is the creator as far as its own attributes are concerned, but not the creator of all the attributes that are due to its association with karmic matter.

This knowledge is the ultimate truth, on whose acquisition the Self attains liberation. There is no consciousness in eight kinds of karmas, like knowledge-obscuring karma, and the quasi-karmic matter nokarmaand there is no karma and nokarma in consciousness. As earlier the pure soul was separated from the karmic bondage through self-discrimination, in the same way, the pure soul is realized through self-discrimination.

Retrieved from ” https: In these and many other ways, ignorant people identify the Self with the non-self. In this way, the soul and various species of karmas get bonded to each other. In the same way, a right believer, while engaged in various activities, does not attract karmic dust due to the absence of dispositions like attachment.


I am just one, the knower.

Karmas make the Self happy and, likewise, he is made miserable by the karmas. The soul is the sole determinant of its own pure psychic status.

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If you believe that the soul undergoes emotional modification of anger on its own accord, then it will be false to say that the karmic matter of anger causes emotional modification of anger in the soul. Know that so long as the Self does not follow renunciation and repentance, of physical and psychical dispositions, till then he is the causal agent of the karmas. Chhah Dhala – Dhal 1.

You will attain supreme bliss through knowledge-adoration, knowledge- contentment, and knowledge-fulfillment. As the world is marching ahead, as the means of communication are getting more potent than ever before, as the individual kunduknd getting involved in more and more activities, the scope and intensity of fear that we experience each day of our lives is increasing. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Experiencing the fruits of karmas, the Self who gets happy or miserable with those fruits of karmas, bonds himself again with the seeds of misery in the form of eight kinds of karmas.

Meaning thereby that your dispositions concerning binding or releasing others are useless. But external insignia cannot lead to liberation as the Omniscient Lords, discarding all external symbols, and giving up attachment to kundkhnd itself, only get immersed in right faith, knowledge, and conduct. The enlightened soul has infinite glory. Knowing this, the well- informed abandons them.

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Publisher – Shree Aadinath Kundkund Kahan Digamber Jain Trust, Aligarh

Therefore, knowledge is one thing and karma another; this has been proclaimed by the Omniscient Lord. Jainism says that shedding karmas i. Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. Due to my erroneous thought dispositions, I was constantly involved in the adoption of karmic matter and, conditioned by karmic matter like delusion, I was instrumental in attracting impurities including nescience.

These have been further subdivided into thirteen samausaar conditions.

Also, various species of karmas are produced and destroyed by the psychic states of soul. Granth samaysaar- the most famous scripture of Jain mythology, was written by Acharaya Kundkund, about years ago. Psychical modifications are of various kinds and they are modes exclusively of the Self. If these result into karmas, then the Self cannot be the enjoyer of the fruits thereof.

We lose faith in our own powers, start paying hefty premium, and, in effect, get ready to welcome disease. No other beings can give you life-determining karma, then, how have they given you life?

Samay Saar (samay – Prabhrit)

This bond is the cause of worldly cycle of births and deaths. Amongst the available scriptures today, it holds the supreme most position. Welcome to the official app of Terapanth! The other modes of consciousness should be understood similarly. The life-span of a living being is aamaysaar by his life- determining karma; this has been declared by the Omniscient Lord. Mundkund, first published in Then, killing others and getting killed by others will also be attributed to the nature of karma.

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