User manual KYOSHO ULTIMA SC-R – MY PDF Read more about kyosho, ultima , manual, spare, screw and guide. If you are looking for the instruction manual: Radio-controlled (RC) model KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R – you have come to the right place. On this page you can. Download and view instructions KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R SP Radio-controlled (RC) model online. Click to go to download KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R SP.

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These are all the parts that complete the rear hub assembly.

B 3x10mm 3x10mm 3 x 8mm 2 5 4 46 3 x 6mm Button Hex Screw 1 3 x 10mm Button Hex Screw 5 19 2 17 3x10mm 3x6mm 18 3 16 1 A 21 Screws which were semi tightened in Page22 This eliminates bump steer and produces more accurate Ackerman geometry throughout the entire range of steering motion. You will need to supply items like motor, esc, tires, wheels and radio equipment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Painting must be done only in a well-ventilated area.

Insert the shaft slowly.


Purchase optional parts instead. The race proven Ultima SC-R has been updated with the latest factory team parts, giving you the ultimate short course truck in the market today. Color Antenna Fluorescent Pink Cap 6 pcs. With weak dry batteries, transmission and reception of the radio fall off. In an effort to better serve you, our reader, and ensure a rich and relevant experience please kyoho us by completing this RC interest profile. There is enough surface area on the end of the guards to stick on some Velcro.


All parts, except screws, are identified by key Numbers. Assemble in the specified order. Should any parts be missing, contact the retail shop from whom the model was purchased.

Kyosho Ultima SC Setup Sheets

Do not store this model in hot or humid conditions, or in direct sunlight. Mqnual braces molded into the chassis enhance the stiffness without adding any unnecessary weight.

The chassis itself uses lightweight, rigid aluminum that is further lightened by having milled out sections. Only use a surface radio with 2 channels and electric speed controller!

Some screws are extras. Do NOT install any option parts not made by ,anual for this model.

Always keep this instruction manual ready at hand for quick reference, even after completing the assembly. However, be careful not to overly tighten TP screws manuap the threads may be damaged. Electric speed controller Wheel-type 2ch radio set. Step 11 in the manual has you put together the steering knuckle assembly.

The overall build is looking pretty clean so far. If you are looking for the instruction manual: When running the car, the differential must be tight, otherwise it may be damaged. A 32 Part bags used. During this time he has learned many tricks, tips and techniques and has transferred that knowledge to CompetitionX – the most informative RC website on the internet!

For an indoor, higher traction clay track, you might want to install a solid servo horn for a more direct feel. I put a small drop of oil to lubricate the joint.

A standard 2-plate slipper clutch installs onto the main amnual shaft. He’s also worked on both sides of the industry fence; working at and with many major manufacturers as well as being a sponsored driver to working for a high-profile industry magazine. Note the direction For Left.


The knuckle assembly securely fastens to the suspension arm using captured hinge pins. Before running, attach the tires and re-adjust accordingly. The battery strap is secured in place with two metal clips.

The smaller bags are clearly labeled and correspond to a step in the manual.

This may lead to further trouble and unforeseen accidents! The upper pieces of the bumper are next to be installed and complete the assembly. On this page you can download it for free. The shock body consists of three major components, a top cap, velvet coated threaded bodies, and a lower cartridge. In order to operate the model safely, adhere to following instructions: The clear and easy to understand instructions make the SC6 an easy build.

Pay close attention to make sure the arms move freely and fall under their own weight. Compare nuts, bolts, screws, etc to the “Actual Size” drawings on each page before fitting to ensure that you are installing the correct parts. Most of those holes running down the kosho of the chassis are for different battery mounting positions! B sf 3x12mm 3 x 12mm 2 3 x 25mm Cap Screw 69 2 15 14 70 Part bags used.

Assemble left and right sides the same way.

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