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His criticism of the pervasiveness of the sexual and the criminal is pretty undeveloped — why is sexual immodesty ‘dangerous’? Books by Paul Pal. Avoiding a pseudometaphysical foundation unlike McLuhan’s sensorium for his theses, Virilio has the appearance of making more sense of things and in a few places being eerily prescient: PaperbackVerso Radical Thinkerspages.

Like Baudrillard, but without that writer’s incontestable eloquence, Virilio charges confidently and glibly into and beyond the horizons of various contemporary techniques. Is Virilio serious in his attack on human cloning, on a nonexistent industry, on a technique used for medical science–in short, on the promise of tissue regeneration and organ growth?

Paul Virilio

When it comes to all that makes a book of theory either deeply challenging but deeply rewarding in detailed analysis that leads to gestalt theory Stiegler, Derrida, Deleuze, Negarestani, Serres or zany and discipline-jumping but surprisingly tight in logic and rewarding in novel insight into the human condition Bataille, Baudrillard, Foucault, Latour Lists with This Book. Without suspecting it, we have become the heirs and descendants of some fearsome antecedents, the prisoners of hereditary defects transmitted not through the genes, sperm or blood, but through an unutterable technological contamination” Virilio’s treatise here shouldn’t be dismissed as naive, hypocritical or holding onto an antiquated reference point in an world of unstable vicissitudes, informaticaa such latter breathes evidence to how impersonal contemporary man has vvirilio, a being whom will scornfully deride those who depart caution against the master-signifier of technology ever held in reverence for desires immortal.

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Reactionary movements are seldom successful. His may be a noble impulse, I don’t know; it’s deeply conservative, whatever it is: Here are just a few choice lowlights from Virilio’s attempt to scare us out of the future: Return to Book Page.

Virilio borrows heavily from Stiegler: Virilio bashes something he terms “extreme science. Humankind will inevitably degenerate into violent hedonism forever because of the Internet and Television.


Which would drive the terrible organ harvesters out of business? The book is printed handsomely, and I would buy others in this series, particularly the volume of Derrida’s.

It’s an example of those books that is somewhat beyond my understanding to totally appreciate. But we can at least laugh, at our ignorance and our continually hope, like Charlie Brown teeing up to kick the football out of Lucy’s tergiversating hands Joseph rated it liked it Dec 05, He would have died, if he aimed to. Georges Roque, 47, caused by art’s consideration as a consumer product to a hyper-excessive fetishization ”We can envisage suffering passing without complaint; horrors going unbewailed, not that here would be anyone to hear the wailing; and anxieties going without a prayer – and without even an analysis” 72 Scientific voyeurism as the use of an dead Inuit’s skeleton for display exhibition, without the living son’s permission or knowledge, -he was not told even at the staged funeral Infantalism of modern culture, technology as prime facie desire for immortality Agree with Virilio’s assessment of Nietzsche as ”not a philosopher” 98 as a means of praise in re-inquiring into all value judgements, presenting him and Marx as a ”paranoid interpreters of the apocalypic ultimatum of youth battling with the irreversibility of time” But this insight is This is a deeply contradictory book.

Virilio’s writing is in-depth and insightful, and not extremely difficult to understand. The central and somewhat overblown point about the end of local time and the rise of instantaneousness is, fifteen years after this was written, not what I would consider the central problem of digital encroachment from either a philosophical or practical perspective.

He is no Baudrillard, who dreamed much bigger and in brighter colors. Jul 12, Bryan Kelly rated it liked it. Virilio makes the case that the interconnectedness of globalization has led to a plane wherein geography is negated, so that localism becomes extrinsic and the ‘Here’ is erased completely and these two are replaced by the intrinsic globalism and the ‘Now’. Nov 03, Andrew added it Shelves: Published January 17th by Verso first published Isn’t cultural infantilizing stimulating mass passivity and political vifilio, rather than pushing disaffected youth into massive “vandalism and theft”?

Feb 12, Jacob rated it liked it Shelves: I think that escapism is a weak proposition, and not at all a potential solution. View all 3 comments. Stiegler never resorts to fearmongering. Virilio shows here a conservatism in the traditional sense. I think that this is a mistake. Interestingly he also raises points on the commercialisation of the human body in genetics that anticipates arguments made in the book ‘Genes, Cells, and Brains’ which I read recently.


Like the set of tools we call the motor car, it is both good and bad, expeditious and dangerous. Trivia About The Information Bomb. In This book was first published in but at times it is rather prophetic of recent times, especially in light of the global financial crash, and more recently in the USA with the ‘scandal’ of the NSA, exposing publicly the information war that that country has been engaging in for decades.

With that element as the only red thread, Virilio connects euthanasia machines and satellites, cinema and the transformation of paedagogy, and pwul more. The Information Bomb speeds along, bolding and italicizing all the way, introducing neologisms and quoting articles from popular media every few pages, and generally leaving the reader with mixed feelings.

True, but hasn’t it done so already?

Paul Virilio | Open Library

In conclusion, Virilio’s represents the most dangerous and disingenuous type of science communication, which is faux- or informatixa. A similar man in the Iron Age would have used a sword, I supposed, or waited for cancer to consume him, horribly. It is a false dichotomy to suggest that technology is either our salvation or damnation. After the era of the ato Virilio’s exploration of the relationship between technology, war informaitca information technology.

May 07, Liam rated it liked it. Like Baudrillard, but without that writer’s incontestable eloquence, Virilio charges confidently and glibly into and beyond the horizons of various con The book is printed handsomely, and I would buy others in this series, particularly the volume of Derrida’s.

Radical Thinkers 1 – 10 of 36 books. The world will inevitably devalue human life. I am reminded of a few paranoids on the far-right who blame video games for mass violence as though murder did not exist before ?

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