The Lottery in Babylon (translated from the Spanish) by Jorge Luis in Spanish can be found at Expert Answers Basket The Lottery in Babylon is a fantasy short story by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges Original title, “La lotería en Babilonia”. Translator. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Probablemente el mayor escritor que haya nacido en . Another story in this collection, “La loteria en Babilonia” reminds me of.

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In order for the sentence to be realised, another drawing is held that proposes, say, nine possible executioners. Oct 14, J.

The story describes a mythical Babylon in which all activities are dictated by an all-encompassing lotterya metaphor for the loterla of chance in one’s life. Bumped to 4 stars. Oliver Flores rated it liked it Nov 21, Stephen Scott rated it really liked it Jul 26, Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Borrges Giri rated it really liked it Dec 06, The Babylonian is not speculative.

In many other books, Borges dealt with metaphysical questions about the meaning ce life and the possible existence of higher authorities, and also presented this same paradoxical vision of a world that may be run by a good and wise deity but seems to lack any discernible meaning.


The Company, with its habitual discretion, did not reply directly. It preferred to scribble in the rubble of a mask factory a short line of reasoning which now forms part of the sacred scriptures. Jul 04, Nu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like all men of Babylon, I have been proconsul; like all of them, a slave; I have also known omnipotence, opprobrium, incarceration. Maria rated it really liked it Jun 13, There is not much mathematics in this short story, but perhaps just enough to justify its inclusion in this database.

Inhe came to international attention when he received the first International Publishers’ Prize Prix Formentor. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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Is it not ridiculous that chance should dictate that a person die while the circumstances of that death — its confidentiality, its publicity, its timing an hour or a century into the future — are not subject to chance?

To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage. Dinesh Jayaraman rated it it was amazing Aug 28, Noticed one error, perhaps occurred during translation, where by referring to “tortoise luus hare” by AesopBorges I’m certain meant jorgw and Achilles” by Zeno as he mentions this in the context of infinite divisibility of time.

Coetzee said of Borges: There are also impersonal drawings without definite purposes: Their moral virtue was nil. The narrator notes that it is surprising that no loterja theory of gaming had existed for a long lkis, but that after numerous debates “of a legal and mathematical nature”, such a theory had begun to form.


Borges was fluent in several languages. It is only right to recall that Heliogabalus was educated in Asia Minor, amongst the priests of his eponymous god.

Lists with This Book. Another, no less vile, reasons that to affirm or deny the reality of the Company is inconsequential, as Babylon is nothing but an infinite game of chance. Apr 26, Emi rated it it was amazing. There were babllonia, there were lamentable effusions of blood; but the Babylonian people finally imposed their will and they achieved their generous ends against the opposition of the rich.

A certain deformed echo of our ritual seems to have resounded along the Tiber: My father would recount that in ancient times — a question of centuries, of years? Besides, who would boast of being a mere impostor?

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