A summary and case brief of Spain v. France (Lac Lanoux Arbitration), including the facts, issue, rule of law, holding and reasoning, key terms, and concurrences . The request for arbitration centers on the two countries’ dispute over Summary: Lake Lanoux is situated in southern France near the border of Spain. The lake. THE FACTS – This arbitration concerned the use of the waters of Lake Lanoux, in the Pyrenees. Briefly, the French Government proposed to carry out certain.

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In reality, the engagements thus undertaken by States take very diverse forms and have a scope which varies according to the manner in which they are defined and according to the procedures intended for their execution; but the reality of the obligations thus undertaken is incontestable and sanctions can be applied in the event, for example, of an unjustified breaking off of the discussions, abnormal delays, disregard of the agreed procedures, systematic refusals to take into consideration adverse proposals or interests, and, more generally, in cases of lsnoux of the rules of good faith Tacna-Arica Arbitration: The two latter sources would permit, first of all, the interpretation of the Treaty and the Additional Act ofand then, in a larger perspective, the demonstration of the existence of an unwritten general rule of international law.

The rule of law is the black letter law upon which the arbitrxtion rested its decision.


Whether under the Treaty, India may deplete or bring the reservoir level of a run-of river Plant below Dead Storage Level DSL in any circumstances except in the case of an unforeseen emergency?

Thus, both states were required to take specified actions aimed at restoring the flow and seepage under natural conditions. The lac lanoux arbitration case arbitrration france and spain shows how the process of prior consultation and negotiation has been interpreted by an international arbitral tribunal, not only as a treaty stipulation, specifically the bayonne treaty of between france and spain, but more generally as a principle of customary law.

It is doubtful whether this principle is sufficiently corroborated by international practice to be established as a rule of customary international law cf. Thus, if it is admitted that there is a principle which prohibits the upstream State from altering the waters of a river in such a fashion as seriously to prejudice the downstream State, such a principle would lanous no application to the present lanoxu, because it has been admitted by the Tribunal, in connection with the first question examined above, that the French scheme will not alter the waters of the Carol.


Itzchak kornfeld, hebrew university of jerusalem, law department, department member. Retrieved llac ” https: InChile and Peru submitted to arbitration by U.

Regarding the question whether France had taken Spanish interests into sufficient consideration, the Tribunal stressed that in determining the manner in which a scheme had taken into consideration the interests involved, the way in which negotiations had developed, the total number of the interests which had been presented, the price which each Party had been ready to pay to have those interests safeguarded, were all essential factors in establishing, with regard to the obligations set out in Article 11 of the Additional Act, the merits of that scheme.

Several South American states and the United States la and persuaded Ecuador and Peru to conclude a protocol of peace. President Coolidge who determined that none of the tributaries conformed to the treaty’s border description.

The lake is fed by several streams that all originate lanuox France. History edit henry russell is known to have made the first ascent of the pic carlit inwhere he was fascinated by the beautiful view of the etang du lanoux, which can be seen from the top. Ina Mexican community group, two American environmental groups, and the City of Calexico filed suit seeking injunctive relief.

No contracts or commitments. Hard law, soft law, emerging international environmental law. In the ‘s and ‘s the river migrated south, and in a acre strip of land existed between the original riverbed and the current riverbed.

The district court ruled in favor of the United States. Lawrence River forms a north-eastern section of the border between Canada and the United States.

Other Tribunals – International Water Law Cases

When in one of the two States it is proposed to construct works or to grant new concessions which might change the course or the volume of a watercourse of which the lower or opposite part is being used by the riparian owners of the other country, prior notice will be given to the highest arbitrwtion authority of the Department or of the Province to which such riparian owners are subject by the corresponding authority in the jurisdiction where such schemes are proposed, so that, if they might threaten the rights of the riparian owners of xrbitration adjoining Sovereignty, a claim may be lodged in due time with the competent authorities, and thus the interests that may be involved on both sides will be safeguarded.

The lake is fed by several streams that all originate in france. Ina dispute arose questioning the validity laoux the Treaty. Easy to useuniform format for every case brief.

Before entering Spanish territory, the waters of the Carol feed the Canal of Puigcerda which is the private property of that town. Lake lanoux lies on the southern arbltration of the pyrenees, on french territory. It is fed by streams which have their source in French territory and which run entirely through French territory only. The latter it is contended has precedents which would permit its establishment in the traditions of the system of faceries, in the provisions of the Pyrenean Treaties and in the international arbiteation of States in the matter of the industrial arbitrafion of international watercourses.


The Spanish Government asked the Tribunal to declare that the French Government should not execute works for the utilization of the waters of Lake Lanoux in accordance with the modalities and guarantees lanous in the Electricite de France project, for if no agreement were previously arrived at between the two Governments on the problem of dealing with the said waters, the French Government would be committing a breach of the relevant provisions of the Treaty of Bayonne of May 26,and the Additional Act of the same date.

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International Water Law Project | Case Law – Other Tribunals

Advisory opinion 8 july icj rep p icj from business chap 1,2 at academy of finance. France defendant planned to construct a reservoir for the purpose of producing electricity at Lake Lanoux. In the lac lanoux arbitration it was decided that france had complied with its duty under international law to consult and negotiate in good faith with spain prior to diverting a watercourse which it shared with spain. Arbitral Tribunal 24 I. Infacing growing demand for water, the United States began considering options to prevent seepage loss in the Canal.

CS1 French-language sources fr. Prevention obligations in international environmental law. Lawrence River surged and caused erosion damage on the banks of the Great Lakes. To admit that jurisdiction in a certain field can no longer be exercised except the condition of, or by way of, an agreement between two.

In the ‘s, France began developing a plan to divert water from Lake Lanoux over a meter drop to generate hydroelectric energy. This point will be referred to again later on, when enquiring what obligations rest on France and Spain in connection with the contracts and the communications preceding the putting in hand of a scheme such as that relating to Lake Lanoux.

Thank you for your support! The facts this arbitration concerned the use of the waters of lake lanoux, in xrbitration pyrenees.

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