The Lankavatara Sutra (“Sutra on the Descent to Lanka”) is an unsystematic and partial overview of the One Path for over pages in Red Pine’s text. Jan 15, Yes, right next to me hot off the press is a translation and commentary of The Lankavatara Sutra by Red Pine (Bill Porter). First, let me say that if. Mar 3, This is both a brilliant and difficult work. Red Pine has translated into modern English a very important sutra, one that is central to the history of.

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Old River rated it it was amazing Apr 20, Thus, shravakas and pratyeka-buddhas also travel the one path because there are no shravakas or pratyeka-buddhas.

If your question is not listed here, feel free to contact us. While seemingly monistic in nature, describing the tathagatagarbha as eternal nitya and immutable atmanthis doctrine is ultimately based on emptiness.

Inspirational To the Extreme. Moreover, he has supplied copious notes inspired by the original Chinese and Sanskrit versions of the text, as well as by Chinese commentators. This second edition was translated by Bodhiruci in CE, [8] p6 [10] and divided into ten fascicles. The Other Way of Speaking. Lankavatada Heart rated it it was amazing Nov 09, This is the first translation into English of the original text used by Bodhidharma, which was the Chinese translation made by Gunabhadra in and upon which all Chinese Zen masters have relied ever since.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Order Now From Indiebound. Jeremy rated it it was amazing Jul 26, I hope many will be motivated to study and practice this wonderful teaching. Rec notes are typical of those that run throughout the book on roughly every other page, some of them taking up more than a page each.


Because the world is seen as being “mind-only” or “consciousness-only”, all phenomena are void, empty of self atman and illusory:.

Red Pine has invited the reader in to a deeper connection of the Buddhas teachings without telling the reader what to think or pursue in their own unfolding of consciousness. In the meantime, here’s a sample of Red Pine’s translation skills and the notes that he supplies as well:. Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt.

Lankavatara Sutra

Sep 08, Jughead rated it really liked it. This is what the one path to realization means.

This translation spoke to me the meaning of nonduality in a gently recurring explanation that finally sinks in. The two obstructions are passion and knowledge. But the added chapter on meat-eating is interesting. An pinee of both appears below. Lists with This Book.

He states that it is merely a useful means upaya of teaching the dharma to others:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Lankavatara Sutra: Translation and Commentary

As to the second; he must recognise and be convinced that all things are to be regarded as forms seen in a vision and a dream, empty of substance, un-born and without self-nature; that all things exist only by reason of a complicated network of causation This is similar to Fazang’s commentary on the Flower Ornament Sutra. Finally, it is worth noting that the Red Pine translation does not include the final chapters that were added on later to the core. Oct 02, Anand rated it really liked it. As to the contents of the Lankavatara Sutra itself, the work is primarily a set of philosophical questions put forth by the bodhisattva Mahamati to the Buddha who essentially instructs the former that it is “By becoming aware that projections are nothing but mind” that we realize enlightenment The Lankavarara Sutra, p.


And this, this reviewer would argue, is reason enough to feel thankful for Red Pine’s efforts, for he has made available to our eyes and minds a deep work of Buddhist teaching that can enrich our Dharma practice no end, if we are lankavataraa to spend some quality time with it. Joshua rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Chris Alden rated it it was amazing Mar 25, It lanlavatara the essential teaching concerning the mind-ground of the Tathagata, by means of which you lead all sentient beings to the truth of Buddhism.

This is the reason I teach one path. Brad Fear rated it it was amazing May 05, He is also the author of Zen BaggageRoad to Heaven: Therefore’Mahamati’, in order to abandon the misconception cherished by the philosophers, you must depend on the ‘anatman-tathagatagarbha’. There are four things by the fulfilling of which an earnest disciple may gain self-realisation of Noble Wisdom and become a Bodhisattva- Mahasattva: Merle Langlois rated it liked it Mar 28, I’ve been reading this translation along with the classic Suzuki translation and the Cleary translation.

Buddha Space: Review: The Lankavatara Sutra, by Red Pine

Having slogged through the Sagathakam — a miscellaneous grab bag of earlier sections and some additional thoughts that are somewhat intriguing — I don’t miss it. Saturday, March 3, Review: The Lankavatara Sutra, by Red Pine.

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