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He is presented as the “Hasya Samrat” King of comedy.

One day Lord Shiva visited Bankelal’s home with his consort Parvati. Gulabati was a devotee of Lord ‘Shiva’ and a child was offered to them as a blessing from the Lord. When Lord Shiva discovered this he put a curse on Bankelal that if ever Bankelal tried to harm anybody, the person would be blessed with good results and some part of that would also be ‘rubbed’ on to Bankelal.

The good thing is that his every misdeed mischief acts as a funny tickle bone for the readers. Bankelal seems extremely stupid but he possesses a mind of devil,always planning mischief. Comics infobox without image Character pop.


Bankelal All Comics List Published Till Date

His mother’s name was ‘Gulabati’. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat Wife of maharaj Vikram Singh. These include Senapati Markhap, Prabandh Mantri and many others.

Story develops further with the involvement of sages, yogis, Devi-Devtas and Rakshas, each of whom comes with incredible humorous twist to the story. The couple didn’t have any children.

Mohak Singh, the prince of Vishalgarh is quite aware of his evil plans. But due to the”blessed” curse placed on him,every bad that he wants to do turns out to be good, turning the odds in his favour. Bankelal always tries to kill him never managed so far and become the king patest Vishalgarh.

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Indian comics Indian comics characters Raj Comics characters. Some notable guest appearances in Bankelal series includes Tilismdev and Bhokal. Though there are some issues that are linked to each other like series in which Bankelal and Vikram Singh travel to different lokas worlds.

Most of the stories of the series are of only one issue. Some nearby princely states of Vishalgarh also find it hard to kill Vikram Singh until Bankelal is with him.


Bankelal All Comics List Published Till Date

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. In the end all the trickries of Bankelal fail and Vikram Singh gets a lot of favour rather than harm. Bankelal first appeared in the comic book ‘Bankelal Ka Kamaal’. Most issues start with Bankelal knowing a secret or something which he may use to kill king Vikram Singh and usurp the throne.

Other courtiers are also jealous of Bankelal’s popularity.

Bankelal has a horse named Chetak which is another very funny character in comics series. His mother offered them a glass of milk unaware that her naughty child had put a domics in the milk! Bankelal considers Raja Vikram Singh as his arch enemy. They named the child Bankelal. Bankelal is a fictional comic book characterthat appears in comic books published by Raj Comics.

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