The Thing About the Truth by Lauren Barnholdt – In this humorous love story from the author of Two-way Street, an unlikely romance is the best sort of. THE THING ABOUT THE TRUTH by Lauren Barnholdt Although the chaotic aftermath is detailed early on, Barnholdt’s snappy dialogue and. The Thing About the Truth. by Lauren Barnholdt. Kelsey’s not going to let one mistake ruin her life. Sure, she got kicked out of prep school and.

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I want to let everyone in this know, if you read this book, do not judge it by the cover, judge it by the The relationship with both their fathers: All hot chicks are crazy. With The Thing About the Truth, however, I had a lot of problems getting drawn into the story at first.

July 10, Rating: And while I feel this involves many of the characters, I want to talk about it specifically as it pertains to Marina Ruiz. It was fun, but there are too many open ends, problems left unsolved. Barnholdt would extend another chapter to close all the conflicts that she opened which will help me get over this novel!

Honestly, I am still confused as to what it is. Jul 12, Isamlq rated it it was ok. From the beginning he told her he liked her and throughout the book he continued to te just how much. But then again, there was barely any “conflict” to begin with.

He was surprised when Kesley gave him a cold shoulder on their first meeting. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The sad part was, no one would have gotten into as much trouble tge Kelsey or Isaac did for throwing a punch.


Isaac is supposed to be this major playboy and has never loved a girl before, but we see nothing of his playboy-ism in this book, LB just says it is so and goes staight to changing him into a one-woman-man. The relationship between she and Issac is one-sided and lacked chemistry and I kept wondering abput he saw in her?

Marshall est tout simplement hilarant.

THE THING ABOUT THE TRUTH by Lauren Barnholdt | Kirkus Reviews

Sure Kelsey beats the mess out of an almost-award-winning smart car tha First of all I was completely intrigued with the description of this book and the cover so I immediately added it to my wishlist. Sep 07, Alaa rated it it was ok.

First of all I was completely intrigued with the description of this book and the cover so I immediately added it to my wishlist.

I wanted to have a face-to-face conversation with Kelsey to snap her out of it. They look completely different which irritated me a bit barnho,dt they cover of books always helps me to visualize the characters better. I loved The Thing About the Truth. Nov 02, Helena teh it liked it Shelves: I dk I feel like there were moments where it just dragged.

The Thing About The Truth by Brenda Mosqueda on Prezi

This is one of the funniest and most romantic YA reads ever. The story keeps you hooked and there are perspectives from both Kelsey and Isaac which make the book more fun to read.

This one is shorter, and with more humor compare to the former – and this book made me cry. The first-person narration alternates between them, providing insight into their separate journeys toward authenticity as they work together thijg a school project that is designed to save them both—and goes horribly awry. We get to see Kelsey’s parents all of like, maybe four times.


I finished barnholxt in about two hours, but it left me wanting more in the sense that I felt something was missing. Mais ce n’est pas tout. I wanted chaos, consequences, and the fall out to just be more. This abbout him curious about her. I just couldn’t get on board though, with the empty dialogue, unnecessary scenes, filler characters, and the LAME outcome. I love this book so much that I am not going to admit how upsetting it is that the “villain” not really but I can’t think lauuren anything else to call her has my name.

Les couvertures et moi! Be the first to discover new talent! Isaac made his choice. Overall, nowhere near what I thought it was going to be.

The Thing About the Truth

We sure needed another young adult book that showcases violence as a proper emotional outlet. One of my favorite things about life yes LIFE are the contemporary YA writers that put out great book after great book.

Isaac is supposed to be th Well, I’m kind of

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