Review: Sever by Lauren DeStefano. I finished this book last night. Once I started reading it I just could not stop. Sever is the last book in this. Sever. Sever. Book 3. Author, Lauren DeStefano. Genre, Young Adult Fiction. Release Date, February 12, Series, The Chemical Garden Book Series. In the third book of The Chemical Garden Trilogy, readers finally learn what exactly a Chemical Garden is.

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At times the writing felt a bit rushed and I was a bit confused as to restefano was going on. The secondary characters stole the show- I just don’t understand how Rhine and Linden ended up being so lifeless and boring!

Are you kidding me? Also, Gabriel is so sweet, and he loves her, and gets so worried about her when she’s sick, and he’s cute. Are we for real with this shit?

And here are my reasons why: View all 66 comments. Why are all the books I want to read now come out in over a year? Refresh and try again. The fourteen-year-old mother of one who just miscarried and only just got off of bed rest is the one who takes out the bad guy.

Or no one at all. As long as he lived he was like a shadow to her which would make everything else difficult. So the whole reason that Rhine ran away was so that she could find her brother and escape Vaughn.

How can Hawaii exist in paradise while the rest of the continental US is in shambles? Even though the entire time Rhine was trying not to love him, and yet she was so depressed over his death?

Thanks for the honest review Katie. Either write a YA book that’s PG, or write an edgy dystopian with adult themes. I was not expecting to like this book so much considering I was not a fan of the last two books. Team Gabriel aaaallllll the way. Thanks for sharing your desrefano. Yifat This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ I ddstefano she also wanted to show that life is like life, and sometimes things just happen, Linden lived to be saved so he died in ssver way that was easily …more I think she also wanted to show that life is like life, and sometimes things just happen, Linden lived to be saved so he died in a way that was easily avoidable, just because that’s how life works, that’s how accidents work.


I know its going to be amazing, but I sense some mixed feelings from a lot of people! So many things with the potential for drama and strong feelings happen, but there was no impact for me. I feel like this book had so many endings but I was pleased with how this series ended. And of course destecano the end of Book 3Rhine is still the model of pure virginity, after everything she want through.

With time ticking until the virus takes its toll, Rhine is desperate for answers. Wither 1 Fever 2 Sever 3. While in Hawaii she notices that there are people that look to old to be under 20 desterano 25 yet young enough that they can’t be from the first generation. Deatefano is this possible? I have a cast list of who would best play who, posted on my review of Fever.

Sever (Chemical Gardens #3) by Lauren DeStefano

You shouldn’t have called it a fucking virus to begin with. There’s probably more I could say about this dreadful series, but I don’t want to waste any more of my time or energy on it.

His world-saving ambitions have always been very clear. I didn’t want to hurt him either. February 12, Publisher: He’s got his house full of locked doors like Bluebeard on steroids and Linden’s not going to be like “Dad, what the fuck are you doing in the basement? He kind of chose Cecily over Rhine. I can understand Gabriel, but Linden? And the bit that ticked me off the most? I really can’t understand why Rhine was portrayed as being so utterly vapid and useless, because LD proves that she can master characterization with Cecily– Cecily was an AMAZING character and honestly, she’s the only one who managed to somewhat redeem the story for me.


I don’t even know. Is Rhine going to sever her connection with someone? The Chemical Garden Trilogy. Hope for what, exactly? It’s almost like it’s forcing itself to try and achieve the greatness of the first gorgeous cover, but fails pretty bad at even coming close. Sever by Lauren DeStefano. And in the end, it turned out to just be an interesting phrase and very little more. They do find the brother, and he’s working for Vaughn and really doesn’t do much of anything except serve as a reason for Rhine to be in Vaughn’s clutches again.

Sever (Chemical Gardens #3) by Lauren DeStefano –

Sorry to hear you were disappointed! It makes no sense. La verdad es que, no quieto sonar cruel pero, su muerte fue lo mas interesante de todo el libro. Secondly, why is blood coming out of his mouth if he hit his head?? After the huge cliffhanger ending of Fever I expected to dive back into the story and go on another crazy journey with Rhine.

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