Let the students know what it is they will be doing and learning today. The lesson can begin by introducing the Tessellation applet to introduce students to the. In pairs, let the children explore the tessellations on the Tessellation Town to create tessellations, using the Shodor Educational Foundation Tessellate!. Alternating Tessellations by Quipitory on deviantART Tessellation Patterns, Clay Stamps, Science Art, .. Let’s Draw ESCHER-STYLE Coloring Pages.

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Shdoor and materials offered to these instructors are available free of charge from Shodor’s website and are largely developed by Shodor student interns. I’m a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. In the Tessellation activity, the same shape is repeated over and over to make the pattern. Start them by examining tessellations of regular polygons including number of sides and interior angle measurements by using a data table.

Arithmetic Four is one of the Interactivate assessment games. Classify various objects into categories in a Venn Diagram.

Explore the world of translations, reflections, and rotations in the Cartesian coordinate system by transforming squares, triangles and parallelograms. A random shape will be automatically generated. Eating plain rice cakes or whatever they are. Choose difficulty level, question types, and time limit.

The had these on Macs wayyyy back in the day when I was a young Linear Function Machine is one of the Interactivate assessment explorers.


Build your own polygon and transform it in the Cartesian coordinate system. Experiment with a simple ecosystem consisting of grass, rabbits, and wolves, learning about probabilities, chaos, and simulation.

Please report rule breaking posts. There are three other types of transformations in a plane. Coloring Remainders in Pascal’s Triangle is one of the Interactivate assessment explorers. Angles is one of the Interactivate assessment explorers.

Students can create box plots for either built-in or user-specified data as well as experiment with outliers. I have not looked at the science for many years, but in the 90s it was believed that a disordered crystalline structure had been found in nature — these were collectively termed quasi-crystals.

Interactivate: Activities

Shoeor investigate linear functions with positive slopes by trying to guess the slope and intercept from inputs and outputs. Shape Builder is one of the Interactivate assessment explorers. Types There are few dedicated stand alone programs. Lead a discussion about tessellations in the world. Geometry and Measurement Competency Goal 2: A butterfly is an example. This copies an image of your screen onto your computer’s clipboard Open a writing or drawing program such as Microsoft Word or “Paint” Paint can be found at: These are reliable sources and thus we would love if you hosted your gifs using these sites.

Corners of the polygons tesselatr be dragged, and corresponding edges of the polygons may be dragged.

What is a tessellation? : educationalgifs

Order of Operations Quiz is one of the Interactivate assessment quizzes. You do a translation and then reflect in the line you translated along – think putting a key into a lock and twisting it degrees. This is a very powerful activity with a wide range of options.


Mixtures allows exploration of percents through two piles of colored and uncolored chips. It’s like, I said that the sky is blue, and you said “Nuh uh, a rose tessekate red”.

Coloring Multiples in Pascal’s Triangle is one of the Interactivate assessment explorers. I’ll keep this updated as long as I can. Then I saw spiraling fish and decided this was not what I signed up for but it was still pretty neat. These can be in higher dimensions that 2D.


If I draw a line down the center of sshodor butteryfly’s body, each half of the butterfly looks the same, like a mirror reflection. Learn about tessellation of quadrilateral figures when the shape you built is tiled over an area. Plot ordered pairs of numbers, either as a scatter plot or with the dots connected. Grade 7 Geometry The student demonstrates conceptual understanding of similarity, congruence, symmetry, or transformations of shapes.

Grade 4 Geometry The student demonstrates conceptual understanding of similarity, congruence, symmetry, or transformations of oets.

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